Sunday, August 1, 2010


Today, the boyf and I hit the city for a day out. 

And I got verbally bullied by 2 girls who don't look older than 15. 
It's my first ever encounter with discrimination after so many months and because it's so amusing, I didn't even think of being upset about it.

We were on the escalator, carrying our shopping bags (went to DFO, Ahem!), in the train station and just chatting and these 2 girls came out of nowhere, pushing through us and our bags, and saying things like how I'm nothing but an "Asian slut". They said more things, but thats all I managed to catch. And if they boyf hadn't reacted so quickly, I wouldn't have realized that they were referring to me. I think with all the bags in his hand, he only managed some "piss off, fat bitch" or something.. I was over it before we reached our platform. AND THEY WERE THERE, verbally abusing me again! And once again, I was honest to God too amused by this scene to be upset about it.

And the psychologist in me kept wondering, 
"What exactly drives people to act in such spiteful ways to random people on the streets?"

I suppose I can only blame their parents, huh? 

I feel nothing but sorry for them.