Monday, November 30, 2009

AnoTHEr Wonder of Technology.

Being a person with a normal job now, mostly @ the desk when I'm not teaching, I find myself with less and less time for myself and my loved ones. Also, since the Sister is back, I cannot exactly fit all the "I want to do"s and "Need to do"s plus the "Would like to do"s without feeling a little dead by midday. So. I figured that I've got to do everything during my working hours, which are pretty much relaxed because my only obligation preparing for lectures. Of course, the 'overly-efficient' part of me took over when I first started out with this job, so I'm pretty much done with all that I needed to do with regards to preparing for lectures. Also, there's only 2 weeks (+1 week) left before the exams begin, so I am pretty much free. The only thing that is not flexible is that I have to stay put on my desk even without much work to do. Anyway, all I've had these weeks were my trusty lap top & phone which I have been putting to good use.

And recently, I have discovered... Wait for it...


Oh, the wonders of it.

I barely have the time to do anything lately, let alone shopping. And let's face it, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I am NOT a morning person and waking me up anytime before the clock strikes 9 in the a.m. makes me tired and fatigued all day long (On a totally unrelated note, I just found out that chronic sinusitis causes fatigue as well, SO THAT COULD BE THE REASON FOR MY LACK-OF-ENTHUSIASM for anything at all, most of the time. Also, I've stopped my regular vigorous exercising since I went to Melb and have not recovered from chronic laziness ever since. Apart from fatigue, my weight has also been a problem but that is besides that point).

Anyway, now that I've discovered online shopping, I'm totally in love with the idea. Of course, I'd very much prefer to do my shopping the conventional way because it's just cooler that way BUT I don't have the friggin' time or energy given that time is a factor and you can only do so much in ONE day. So. I've resorted to the unthinkable. Buying without being able to check my merchandises twice =( But it sure as hell beats not buying anything at all. I'm a girl. I have NEEDS. Among them (and pretty much on top of the list) is that I love to buy new things. Because it means I get to use new things too.

Change, after all my good people, is the Spice of Life !!

It is also a form of therapy, I tell you. Anti-Stress! Anti-Boredom! Anti-Anxiety! As a self-proclaimed not-yet-fully-registered psychologist, I highly recommend it. Might also work as an Anti-Depressant if I get things to work my way.

Unfortunately for me, most of these "boutiques" do not ship their merchandises to Malaysia.
I'm talking about Forever 21, Victoria's Secret, Charles & Keith, etc..

So, imma get them sent to the boyf & he doesn't know it yet but he'll just have to pass them to me!!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blogging, a Lifestyle.

Me: I think my blog's kinda dead.

Sis: Yes. It kinda is.

So, I decided that I'd do something about it.

See, blogging is not just an avenue to bitch about one's life or in fact, many peoples' lives. It's also not a place just to put pretty pictures of oneself, photoshop-ed of course. It is in truth, a lifestyle.

I'm not the type who'd go on and on about my daily life, on what I've been doing or what I've been saying. Also, as much as I love taking pictures (being on both sides of the camera is fine by me), I highly doubt I'd parade it here for the world to see and judge. That's why they created Facebook.

But I love reading blogs by people from around the world, and I find that these daily life routine thingamajig seem to be the most popular ones. You know, the ones with photoshop-ed near-to-perfect photos. Those picture-perfect shots with their better halves. I'm especially amazed by how it is really the girls who are reading about the other girl's life. Or, woman, if you must. Could it be that the rest of the world really do give a damn about what one was doing the past day and how she felt about it? I'm really under the impression that the fatal attraction is caused by the gossips. Please, don't bother justifying. I am in every way as guilty.

As for me, I'm still deliberating. Am I up for this lifestyle? I still don't know..

Wouldn't it be more fun if you got to know me the conventional way?