Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve !!

It's New Year's Eve ! Woohoo!!

Have you all written out all your resolutions for the new year in a list?
Mine's gonna be a LOOONG one!

Had a talk with the Momsie yesterday, and it felt like she just gave me the green light to grow up and fight for my dreams. Time to put all unnecessary thoughts and worries away. Time to leave the past behind.

To be honest, I had a good year, nothing great, no where close to fantastic.
Many things have happened, the good and bad ones too.. But mostly bad.
Hence, I'd like to say that it was a lousy year for me, but I'm way to grateful that I'm not sleeping on the streets to complain about how bad my year went.

So, just before today I've been packing up all my old things and throwing the ones I don't want out and giving those that I don't need away. Clothes, toys, decorations, etc.. I'm not a big fan of hoarding. At least I try anyway..

Meanwhile, I've also been making plans for a better year ahead. But I can't say it out loud yet. I may jinx it.

They always say that your life will turn out the way you make it (Western). Maybe I'll just sit here and wait for the opportunity to come (Eastern). But how does it happen when opportunities doesn't come your way?.. I have all this big plans for my future, fulfill my dreams, how I'd like to be able to help the helpless.. It's not really my call right now because well, I'm pretty much stuck at this very position until the opportunity arises. I'm sick and tired of waiting.

(You see my conflict here !!? I've always been having these messed up thoughts- Eastern culture + Western influence- and now that I'm seeing a completely and utterly ridiculous Western man by name, whom by blood is still an Eastern, btw, I'm being influenced to go against everything my culture can accept and fighting for my dreams the unconventional way!)


So, come 2010, I'm making my own plans. No more planning around the unpredictable future. I'm MAKING it happen. And if it doesn't work out, I have nothing to regret because it's way better than sitting down here waiting for it to happen. I'm sure I'll have more to regret if I don't MAKE this opportunity for myself.

No more waiting.

It's gonna be a good year. I can feel it. I'll make it a good one.

Have a great day peeps, after all, it is the last day of the year !

Goodbye 2009 !!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas !

So what if I've lived in Malaysia all my life.

I refuse to succumb to the lack of Christmas spirit in this God forsaken land =(

There's nothing planned for this Christmas. There's not even a tradition. No music. Nothing red or green. No blings on the tree. Almost no presents for me under our tree.

Apart from the fact that I'm still mourning (because the boyf just left for home after staying for almost 3 weeks although he promised to come back in a month "and a bit"), I'm also feeling very dejected because no one's accepting me into Australia at the moment. So, I'd expect this Christmas to be filled with laughter and joy from the family, whom I love very much but are way to busy with other things in their heads. Seems to me like I'm the only one bothered that nothing's line up this Christmas. Fark. And I can't exactly make plans with anyone other than family because we're suppose to have "family time". For I might leave next year. MIGHT. Fark.

And the boyf's living in a place with so much spirits (prolly cause his sister is still 8), and he's not appreciating it. Family, presents, wine and fruit cakes with rum. I need that.

Talk about being born in the wrong part of the world.


Apart from that, I'm alright.

Happy Christmas all!


P.S. to the boyf : I want a WHITE Christmas next year boo! If that's even possibly down under. Maybe with all this global warming..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Canine Lover Fell in Love with a Feline

I have always been, still am & will always be a dog lover. They are just so adorable. And let's not forget that they are smart wonderful creatures, well, a good number of them anyway. Yeah, I'm biased. But, not in a way that screams "Cats, stay away or you'll be burned !!".

So when I came across this early this morning, I fell in love.

Enjoy people!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Welcoming December

It's a known fact, a common knowledge that December is the best month of the year. Well, at least it is SUPPOSE to be. As a student, we all know that it's that time of the year- School holidays! Awesome vacations! Perfect getaways! And don't you even dare forget about Christmas Presents!

As a student, the person that I was every year for the past 22 years, it was amazing! No classes to rush for, no assignments to hand up, no deadlines what-so-ever, not even Student Council or Editorial Board could get in the way of my beauty sleep or those rare precious moments where I can do whatever I'd like and there was no one who could say NO to that. Let's not even dare forget those late-nights out with the friends, gossip moments with the girlfriends, & of course, the holiday get aways that evolved from going with the family to going with the friends. Well, to be quite honest, I enjoy both as much, in very different ways.

This year, something very different is happening to me. I'm working now, as are most of my friends. Time is a factor now as we have lost almost all flexibility to move about as and when we like. Plans have to be made weeks ahead of time, if not, months. But everyone still looks forward to that very vacation. Bugger. One I wouldn't be able to make this year. Leaves are scarce & I have too many commitments =( I have to invigilate exams, plan the students' graduation, piano exam, edit a research, propose another research, and the list goes on.. It's actually quite depressing. Of course, the one thing I can rely on is the fact that "The Perfect Holiday" is coming to me this year. Yes. Him.

That aside, I have little to look forward to this December.

For once, maybe more than a little perfect Christmas with wine and fruit cake (with Rum). Wonderful treats.
And a special present.

Dear God, let it be known that I only have ONE Christmas wish Proper this year.

That very letter.