Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas !

So what if I've lived in Malaysia all my life.

I refuse to succumb to the lack of Christmas spirit in this God forsaken land =(

There's nothing planned for this Christmas. There's not even a tradition. No music. Nothing red or green. No blings on the tree. Almost no presents for me under our tree.

Apart from the fact that I'm still mourning (because the boyf just left for home after staying for almost 3 weeks although he promised to come back in a month "and a bit"), I'm also feeling very dejected because no one's accepting me into Australia at the moment. So, I'd expect this Christmas to be filled with laughter and joy from the family, whom I love very much but are way to busy with other things in their heads. Seems to me like I'm the only one bothered that nothing's line up this Christmas. Fark. And I can't exactly make plans with anyone other than family because we're suppose to have "family time". For I might leave next year. MIGHT. Fark.

And the boyf's living in a place with so much spirits (prolly cause his sister is still 8), and he's not appreciating it. Family, presents, wine and fruit cakes with rum. I need that.

Talk about being born in the wrong part of the world.


Apart from that, I'm alright.

Happy Christmas all!


P.S. to the boyf : I want a WHITE Christmas next year boo! If that's even possibly down under. Maybe with all this global warming..

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