Thursday, July 28, 2011

Emails? No. Spam!


I haven't been here for a while.
All the same, I have not checked my Hotmail since either.
(About a year ago, the boyf convinced me to switch over to Gmail, and amazingly, junk emails never appear in my inbox. I've been converted. To get in touch, I am still using the same username) 

I find myself deleting over 15 pages of Junk Mail. Then I turn to my inbox and carefully select all the spam mails from acquaintances. Sadly, these were the people whom I used to share fun emails with back in my school and college days. Now, I see their names pop up every now and then in my email inbox, sending me junk email. In their defense, I am sure their emails got hacked and they did not intentionally send me emails for the best drugs, etc.. Grin. At least the positive side of me would like to think so.

It is just funny how I spend more time deleting emails than reading them these days.