Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Christmas!

 Christmas was anything but dull, this year.

I celebrated it with the boyf's family and it was bliss. Mainly because of his kid half-sister, who is btw, adorable. 

Morning call was at 6.30 in the a.m., of course, with the little one jamming her way through our room door. If that wasn't bad enough, her brother decided to shout at her.. Which inevitably woke me up till I absolutely cannot find a way get back into my REM cycle. So, to the lounge we went, half asleep and hair undone, in our PJ's and dragging ourselves to where the family was gathered.

Under the Christmas tree were presents, evidently enough for 40 people. But nope, there were about 45 presents to be shared among 7 people. Grin. 

Best Christmas ever! I'd post pictures of them once I've figured out a way to photoshop the people out. It is, after all, a family function and unfortunately for you, this means that there were kids and the aged involved. As such, it is a private affair, yo! 

Nevertheless, have a very merry berry Christmas! 
(Hey, I believe in the whole 12 days of Christmas bonanza, and frankly, so should you!)

Anywayyy... Happy Holidays from down under!!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

All I want for Christmas, well, among other things.

I’m on a holiday right now. I’ve been on holiday for a verry, verry, long time.

Now, for those of you who don’t know me- I am not a bum. I really don’t want to be a bum. Neither do I enjoy being a bum.. I haven’t been doing much of anything that contributes to society or AND most of myself for the past few months. But I have been trying to get myself somewhere when the new year starts.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am currently unemployed because I really want to pursue a postgraduate degree. Now, whilst I really want to achieve this milestone in life, let it be known that it is also necessary to get this damn degree because society dictates that without this damn piece of paper, you’re worth nothing.

As a result, I cannot get a job. And without this job experience, these universities don’t seem to want to accept me as their Clinical Psychology student. And if I don’t get accepted as a student and graduate from a university with this specific training, nobody wants to hire me. Talk about a “chicken or egg” problem. FML -_-

I have attended a few interviews and I have yet to be contacted by several other universities, apart from those who has rejected me, apparently for my lack of experience in this area. One other university was not impressed by my results, so that is fair enough. But to say I lack experience is just plain unfair because nobody is willing to let me work my way up or observe their work. So I suppose all my volunteering work in an intellectual disability centre was in vain. FML.

And that, is the update of my current life. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll get some good news before Christmas. Heck, I just need ONE good news, and I’ll be a happy girl for the rest of my life.. Or something like that.

And that, Santa, is all I want for Christmas, this year.


Friday, November 26, 2010

My Sunshine!

Today is a special day because it's one of my darlingest friend's birthday!

We've been friends for over 10 years now, and although we've had our ups and downs throughout these years, I daresay my life would have been less cheerful without her. Over our years in school and over 2 years being inseparable because we were in the same class, I'd have to say she's one of those I miss being with most.. Despite the distance, she always manage to make me smile with her silliness on fb and msn and the such. Unfortunately, she doesn't have SKYPE yet !! (oyh woman, get skype!!  Or do I have to do it for you!!? You know I will.. ). Somehow she knows when I'm feeling down the most and manages to send sweet messages online to light up my day! 

So here's to you!

Happy Birthday, my dearest Lay Ean!

Wish I was there to celebrate it with you..

Much love.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

BBQ @ Mordialloc Beach!

The other day I decided that I needed to hit the beach.
And that I really wanted some hotdogs!
Therefore, I planned some BBQ moments on the beach with some friends.

As Sheldon Cooper would say 
'I accept your premises, I reject your conclusion'.

But I mean, it really made sense to me, at that time, to have a BBQ on the beach.
So, I gathered my peoples and checked the weather forecast for a good sun-shiny day. As it turned out, it was the ONLY sun-shiny day last week in Melbourne. ptl. Grin.

As the idiot in me forgot to bring my camera for the once in a lifetime occasion, damnit, here are some photos I had to steal from FB. Thank you, guys! - Chloe Cheung, Nick Betts, Claire Minkyeong Kim, Monica Minjung Kim and Leon Toh.

Preparing for lunch!
As idiots of the highest order, we forgot to buy water so we had to.. manage.

The boyf, modelling. Or at least attempting to.
Dear Sun, tan us up, yo!

Our very own.. Korean babes!
The camwhore in me (with Nick Bett's camera)

Peoples: Someone go test the water. See if it's swimmable.
Me: I'll go.. Brr.
Grin. All in the name of fun.


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Of Weddings & Marriages.

I discovered a new distraction.






And I’ve been watching wedding clips. And I feel so happy for these people.

I’ve come to another point in life. My friends are getting married. Some already have kids. Others are planning for their weddings. Those aren’t engaged are thinking about the prospects of marriage with their partners. Those without partners are anxious because apparently, they are running out of time.

And me?


I am, as always, still my mama’s girl. I don’t want that to change anytime soon. And I refuse to be pressured by age and time.

I am happy with the Boyf and we are, as I would like to think, very ideal for each other. He completes me and makes me a better person every morning and every day. I cannot say I have anything to complain about, and I am not saying this to make him look or feel good. I just think that we are very good for each other. After more than 1.5 years, I still feel like I’m falling more in love with him each day, because he gives me reason to. And we are definitely not falling into any form of routine yet, which is great, in my opinion. Most important of all, we are not settling into a comfort zone. I’d take this as a very good sign because I’ve settled before, and I’ve fallen into the trap of being in a ‘comfortable’ relationship before, and I don’t like it. Complacent. Don’t get me wrong. Comfortable is good, when there’s still the prospect of making things exciting every now and then. But ‘comfortable’ is cruel when partners and lovers start taking things for granted with each other. And worse, taking things for granted. And it is from then on that things start to spiral downwards, and that is when loving him or her just isn’t enough anymore.

So, back to watching clips of peoples’ weddings. I’m loving it, the bride, the groom, the gown, the flowers and the people. Most importantly, the love. In fact,  I think that I might have turned gaga at the prospect of having a wedding for that very sake. A wedding! Me, getting wed. Phew.

Unfortunately, the whole constitution of marriage just doesn’t attract me at all. As far as I view it, getting married is not a priority in my life. Plainly put, I do not think it is for me. The very definition of marriage has been changed by the prospect of legal separation and divorce. And the fact that you’re getting married while considering that divorce is an option out  totally dissolves the very point of marriage, isn’t it? So, no. It is not that I do not trust the man I want to be with. But we all make mistakes, and hey, I have yet to meet enough married couples make it through thick and thin to make me believe that it is the right thing for me..

I suppose it’s got a lot to do with my culture and the way I have been brought up.. The generations before me did not make a good impression on me. I do not see ‘happily ever after’. Not that I expect it without a lot of sacrifices, hard work and commitments (which I am willing to do), but hey, I’ve seen more marriages dissolve into two-people-not-even-being-able-to-be-friends-but-still-sleep-in-the-same-room (resources do not include information on whether or not they still share the same bed, but you get my drift) than I can count with all my fingers and toes. And I am not blaming them for their mistakes and weaknesses, but I sure can thank these people for showing me how it might be being on my own two feet.. And it looks brighter than heading into the dark zone of being tied to a wrong partner. No offense to anyone in particular, but let’s just say you’ve scared me off because I don’t want to end up in a rut the way you did. All of you, in general.

As for now, I am happy with the way my relationship is working out with the Boyf. And we’ve talked about our future together, and marriage is still a long way, if it even come into our plans. For the next couple of years,we’re putting our education ahead of any plans that might change the equilibrium of this priority.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying no to the prospect of marriage in my life, not yet anyway. Neither am I opposing those who decided that this is what they want this early in life. I’m just merely stating my views on it and that for now, I’m happy not pursuing it.. A marriage is more than just a wedding. It is a commitment that lasts this entire lifetime.

I’m happy the way I am now. We are happy the way things are now. Very, happy.

And for all of you who are into these things,
I wish you love and happiness, that may yours be a marriage that inspires others.



Oh, but wouldn’t it be nice to be a bride.. Grin. I’ll settle for bridesmaid for now =p



Saturday, October 30, 2010

Intellectual Disabilities

For the sake  of people who are bombarding the people closest to me with questions about what I am doing here in Australia..

I volunteer at a disability centre. Intellectual disability centre. I have been doing this twice a week for several months now, and I am happy doing it. It is something I look forward to most days, and apart from having to wake up at a ridiculous hours of the morning on the days that I go to the centre, I actually don’t mind waking up. On the rare occasions that I dread having made this commitment, I regret feeling so the moment I walk into the centre and see the smile on their faces.

You see, I’ve become accustomed to them. I have to admit that right at the beginning I was a little bit apprehensive about this decision, having to work with people who not only have the mental age of about 2-5 years old, (some of them even have the emotional control of a 2 year old), but these people look a little bit different. I’m not saying like, Down Syndrome different. We’re talking about 50+ year old kids who can’t control their saliva and take care of their hygiene, heck, some have problems eating like the way we do. What worried me most was, communication. Some cannot even understand simple words, and some of them cannot speak properly. I was worried I might not be able to cope with their indifference.

Fortunately, they welcomed me into their group unceremoniously, but warmly. Over the months, I’ve seen their attitudes change from ‘not preferring me’ to ‘shouting my name from over the other room so that I help them out with something’. For example, one of the girls, who previously did not like me touching her things at all was calling for me when she saw me pass by the room she was in, and even though she knew I was not scheduled to assist in that class that morning, she insisted to wish me good morning before turning back to her own work. Awww. She remembered my name, and I didn’t even know when she had started learning it.

And this is why, I fell in love with going to the centre. The boyf’s getting sick of the fact that I cannot stop talking about it, and the people whom I work with, and the people whom I help with. Twice a week, I am reminded why I am taking this difficult road.. Most of my peers have started on their postgraduate pursue, and I am still stuck with no proper plans for the future until a university accepts me into their Clinical Psychology program.

I know that I’m saying might give you the impression that I’m really doing good, that I am indeed helping those who needs it, who needs me (a girl who’s got nothing but a better mental functioning), but really, it’s the other way around. I am not ashamed to admit that I am doing this for selfish reason. Because in truth, it is I who need them. Every time I walk into the centre, I feel the innocent love that only they are able to produce and I am once again reminded why I want to do this. I am passionate about helping them because the radiation of their innocence give me  the satisfaction that no other job could possibly provide me with.

I want to be able to help them, and the likes of them. And I want to be able to assist those whose kids are for whatever reason, like that. I want to be able to help those who are not able to help themselves. And I believe that, especially those with higher mental functioning, there is a way to bring them back into society. But there is no way I can do this without having that damn degree.

Every career pathway is about education these days, and unfortunately, I picked the road less taken.

All I ask from you, are prayers and hope. I know that someday I will get accepted into a university here in Melbourne, because I am a very good student. I just have a lesser background because I am not locally educated. So, keep me in your prayers if you’re religious and if you’re not, keep me in your hopes and dreams.. And in return, I promise to make it my mission to continue serving and helping the intellectually disabled. I feel that calling and I know it is my vocation. So, help me God.

(I have heaps for photos of them, but for their privacy’s sake and the centre’s policy, I cannot post them here.

But I’ll be happy to show them to family and friends).


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stuck on Bruno Mars

The first time I heard “Billionaire”, I  could not get it out of my head. It was literally stuck in my head 24/7.
Now, with “Just the way you are” playing on the radio all the time, I can’t help but feel envious towards that girl whom he’s singing to. Maybe nobody, but hell, Bruno is definitely the top on my list of ‘wanted’ breath-taking singers whom I’d like to meet.
Kudos to him- singer/songwriter, heck, genius in fact, for coming up with not only such a catchy tune but also lyrics that any mentally healthy girl would die for a man to sing to her.
Lovely as that song is, I came across a slightly different version of this song on Youtube by Legaci. And I’m absolutely loving it.. I’ve been listening to their cover versions for a while now, but I just can’t stop watching this particular one that they’ve come up with.

Just the Way You Are–Legaci

Personally, as an amateur singer in choirs and all, I’ve always been attracted to those who sing the base parts. So, I’m loving Daiyel. Grin. But as a group, they are soooo good, I cannot emphasize enough how much I love their ‘almost’ acapella version of songs.
I am such there are many others who are as good out there, as you might have noticed just by surfin’ on Youtube. But this is one of my personal favourites =)
Here’s one more from Daiyel which I love to watch, more because I love the song than anything else.

I’m Yours–Daiyel
I’m not really a big fan of anything per say, so I’m not starting a fan page or anything like that.
But hey- if they’re good, they are good..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This is what being away is all about..

Over the weekend..

I had a small celebration with some friends. Nothing too big or eventful, but nevertheless, it is the thought that counts.

Photos courtesy of Claire MinKyeong Kim, Monica MinJung Kim, Nick Betts and my own camera..

.. While we were waiting for transport


Damn paparazzis ! =p67445_155583541144890_100000797364467_237107_1239207_n33556_155584431144801_100000797364467_237120_6042146_n

@ Yak Bar.. Bit late for the reservation we made for the restaurant, so had to wait by the bar.36083_155584371144807_100000797364467_237118_7747580_n66347_155661287803782_100000797364467_237417_669852_n68782_155584187811492_100000797364467_237113_8284078_n66563_155661341137110_100000797364467_237419_1791297_n

Boys bored..67279_155584397811471_100000797364467_237119_1189558_n69152_155661597803751_100000797364467_237430_2054673_n





These mirrors were obviously not meant for Asian sized girls.. 73097_155661157803795_100000797364467_237413_300041_n

No idea why they decided to wear the same colour but it turned out so nicely..72774_155661317803779_100000797364467_237418_2349953_n73176_155584244478153_100000797364467_237114_5075933_n67748_155583607811550_100000797364467_237110_5416851_n


And the occasion? My birthday!! .. Well, early birthday celebration. A couple of days too early. So, the last thing I was expecting was.. A CAKE! From Secret Recipe too. Muchas gracias, Nick!!


I have a big arse knife and I am not afraid to use it ! =p



And we all went home drunk that night.. Grin. NOT ! We were well behaved despite that bottle of wine and other bottle of champagne.. Gotta say that I’m really proud of moi!








Thank you all, for making it such a wonderful occasion for me.. Especially since it’s my first one away from home
=( .. Can’t deny that I miss home very, very much.. But you’ve all provided a great distraction to that void. And for that, thank you @Alex Pava, @Monica (MJ), @Claire & @Nick Betts !