Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Christmas!

 Christmas was anything but dull, this year.

I celebrated it with the boyf's family and it was bliss. Mainly because of his kid half-sister, who is btw, adorable. 

Morning call was at 6.30 in the a.m., of course, with the little one jamming her way through our room door. If that wasn't bad enough, her brother decided to shout at her.. Which inevitably woke me up till I absolutely cannot find a way get back into my REM cycle. So, to the lounge we went, half asleep and hair undone, in our PJ's and dragging ourselves to where the family was gathered.

Under the Christmas tree were presents, evidently enough for 40 people. But nope, there were about 45 presents to be shared among 7 people. Grin. 

Best Christmas ever! I'd post pictures of them once I've figured out a way to photoshop the people out. It is, after all, a family function and unfortunately for you, this means that there were kids and the aged involved. As such, it is a private affair, yo! 

Nevertheless, have a very merry berry Christmas! 
(Hey, I believe in the whole 12 days of Christmas bonanza, and frankly, so should you!)

Anywayyy... Happy Holidays from down under!!


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