Sunday, March 21, 2010

And she wonders..

So, lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking;
about life and the such.

Now, although everyone thinks about it every once in a while, I believe that no one has the answer to all their questions. And of course, the dimension of our thoughts and questions are defined by the experiences and circumstances that we’re in, therefore, all the aspects of these thoughts differ from one person to another. Or, as I like to believe it to be.

So will somebody please tell me
“What on earth are we doing here?”


Friday, March 19, 2010

The BoyF. Drunk.

So, here I was waiting like the good girlfriend I am, thinking that the Boyf was having fun @the Nott. (More about it when I can, it's the infamous pub down the road). But no, he got drunk somewhere else. Here's an exhibit of his drunkardness. Lol. Because he never does that!
And he is oh-so-cute!
Ahh, loves.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

That White Boy

So, I’ve been noticing that all around me there are so many people who are dating Caucasian boys. The mall, the restaurant, the movies, the park ..etc. You get the picture.

Now, although dating a person of another race is NO new thing, I am referring to Caucasian men! White. Enough said. It’s like a fashion to walk around holding a white man’s hand and have his arms around your waist. And believe me, a Chinese/Caucasian couple gets more attention than anything else. I know, because you caught my attention. And I know, because I caught you staring at me too.

Now, I’ve never really given a care about the race of the person I date. It’s more of what is in his head (& heart) that matters to me. But it just so happened that this time round’ I found what I like in a Caucasian. I’m not exactly a trend follower here so I really feel the need to justify that I’m not a follower of the fad! And everytime I see people staring at me, I know that they’re judging me to be that shallow person I sometimes seem to look.

You see, a couple of months ago, I went on a trip to Langkawi with the Boyf. And because he’s white and I’m not, everyone was staring. First I was highly convinced that they were staring because I am, after all at least 1 head and three quarter shorter than he is. Which means that he’s about 1 head taller than most men. So, his height could have been the factor. Then after sooo many times of people staring, I started feeling like one of those escorts in Thailand or the such bringing a horny white tourist around- a gold-digger no doubt. No offence to you girls, not judging you in any way whatsoever and I’m sure it’s a considerably respectable job in your circle. BUT!! I am a Psychology graduate and I was a Psychology lecturer at that point in time. I felt absolutely degraded, it was not even funny okay. Anyway, Langkawi or not, it sometimes happens here in the city okay! I can feel your judging eyes at the back of my head!!!

But anyway..

Here’s why I’m in love with a white boy today. He’s proven to be by far, the most opinionated person (within reason, of course) and not clouded by the “teachings” of a (many) ridiculous cultures. He’s Romanian, which means that he was brought up in a collectivist society. But wait, he’s also Australian, thereby making him think and act as an individualist. I love that mix in him, and although the Australian in him dominates his entire being, I might be in love with him because there’s still a twinge of Romanian in him. Da?

Now, here’s why I don’t think I can be with another typical man brought up the Malaysian way. And yes, I am generalizing! Firstly, all you men can think about is- making money! Fine, nothing wrong with that. We all do that. But there’s got to be more to life than just business and money making schemes. What about life? What about enjoyment? Don’t you seek to learn more about other things in life- what do people do in other cultures, how to they think and why do they act the way they do? What about other creatures, there’s more to love in this world than just women and money! Every time I talk to you, it’s about money. Grr. So, I get that being rich is important but apart from thinking about money all the time, can’t we switch to a more interesting conversation every 5 minutes or so? Like, global warming and civilization. Or if your head cannot take deep conversations like that, let’s talk about the latest movie. Let’s discuss the meaning of the movie instead of just the storyline. The problem with you “macho” men is that whilst you’re making the big bucks and driving the big cars (which, you know what they say about big cars kan? It’s to make up for small “packages”), your brains are kinda.. empty when it comes to general knowledge and stuff. You’re easily contented with the big bucks in your wallet and bank account, but I don’t see how you can hold your head high with such pride when your brains kinda, empty. Here’s a secret, not every girl likes just your money. I’d rather you have some brains to keep me entertained than your money.

Plus, I like a man to be able to teach me things, help me see the world in a different light everyday and support me thru my silliness and stupidity while guiding me to learn things. I am after all, a firm believer than life is a learning process. It’s a journey. Funny how I’m the one you call a bimbo when you’re pretty much the male version of one. Masculine, my *rse.

Anyway, in all these months that we’ve been together, the Boyf has done just that. Taught me things and agree with my opinions. Whenever he disagrees with me, he’s got some valid reason to back him up. He even takes in all my arguments like a man and accepts me for who I am. I like that in a man. Rationality and logic is all it takes to suck me in.

Unfortunately, its a trait I rarely see in the guys I grew up with. Or even the people I’m meeting today. Everytime I strike a conversation that is remotely intellectual and interesting to me, all you do is yawn or shut me up tune out. On the other hand, because the Westerners (am not referring to just the Caucasians) are brought up differently with better education systems, most of them are just way more intellectual than most Malaysians are.

So, I have come to a conclusion. All these years of feeling like I can never fit it the society that I grew up in, I’ve concluded that at least half the girls I see dating a white guy is as similar to me in that she might have never been understood in her very own social circle as well. Some girls are just way deeper than you think, boys.

The other half, may very well be the bimbos you all think I am.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

That Day @ Crab Island

A couple of weeks ago, I joined the Photography Club trip to Pulau Ketam (Crab Island) for well, a photography session. It’s about 45 minutes of train ride to the port from Subang Jaya KTM station, and 45 minutes of ferry ride to the island.
Now, because I’m no expert in taking photographs OR being in photographs, I figured I’d just join to learn a thing or two because the club advisor was my colleague and I have already finish all my work which needed urgent attention and the rest could wait.
Ultimately, I went because of …Fresh Seafood!!
Needless to say, we had a hearty meal. And I managed to get a few photos of ME shot! Grin.
17563_439094580082_515740082_10898343_6187077_n 17563_439226500082_515740082_10899379_8245621_n 17563_439226520082_515740082_10899380_5951935_n 17563_439226530082_515740082_10899381_2107032_n
Those four photos are courtesy of Andrew Lee photography (i.e. 25 megapixels camera, all I know is, it was a Canon- what!!? I told you I don’t know anything about photography but I’m more than happy to learn more..). The quality may not be justified here because I just extracted it from FB.
The rest of the photos are from the lovely camera which I use, my very loyal Nikon S200!! DSCN3371In the ferry after 2 hours of waiting!!

DSCN3396After staring at a couple of students modeling about, I tried some ideas.. And prolly failed miserably because I haven’t a clue what was I trying to sell apart from Me.DSCN3401 Walking along the jetty @Crab IslandDSCN3435After all that commotion under the sun (another second there and I’d prolly get a heatstroke, along with the 100 students), I’m finally on my way home.
DSCN3448 DSCN3459
My only companions.. DSCN3482


Today, Xia Xue weds

Now, for everyone who’s even remotely connected to the blog world, you’d know who she is. That blogger from Singapore who’s famous for her witty tongue and brave comments. Over the years, she’s been writing about her life and opinions openly and I’m sure the all of Singapore and most of the world would know her.

Recently engaged with her fiancĂ©e Mike from the US,  she got married today and needless to say, spoiled with the most extravagant of choices for the best wedding a girl could ever have.

So, here’s my heartiest and warmest wishes for the both of you (even if you may never read this post). Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Sayre.

* I know it’s no big deal that she’s married BUT I’ve been reading her blog for so many years that although her stories could be edited to sound more dramatic, it feels like you know someone from all she says okay. And she’s about the only person I know who’s about my age and married. My friends are still, playing about so.. it’s exciting! Plus, I'm dating a Caucasian too.. 


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fcked Up

Tell me again why do you even pretend to care when all you're gonna do after I pour out my heart and soul is to throw the facts back into my face again. 

You live in this wonderful world with perfect people around you and have amazing families who support you through and through, even when you're being an idiot.

Wtf would you know about my fcking *3rd world country misery!!? It's like a friggin charade here, and you just won't know what's gonna happen in the next hour. Perhaps you could do us all a favour and just throw over a bomb that will consume us all then in that way, it's gonna be a win-win situation for us all because you'd be able to continue living in your own perfect world without ever having to acknowledge that any of us fcked up ones ever existed. 

I'm about as close to giving up so that I can stop pretending that I can make this hole a better place for everyone because the only one who had faith in me has lost all belief.

Fck U.


*I know that we're not a 3rd world country but we might as well be considered as one because of the our mentalities, damnit.

The Other Type of Girl

Dear all,
I have a question.
What’s it with boys and looking at girls who manages to be everywhere and look absofrigginlutely gorgeous every second of the day?
I mean, if you’re single and totally available then fine. But if you have your hands and arms wrapped around a girl you claim as your girlf, then, why is it there always seem to be someone else better looking lurkin around each and everytime you go out that catches your eye that you have to pretend to scratch your head to take a second look at her, or stop to look for something in your pocket just so you can take a second peek without your girlf suspecting anything?
And the Boyf’s eye-level is 3 heads higher than mine, I wouldn’t even know if he’s doing it and that is just NOT cool!
Talk about double standards.
You like looking at these girls BUT it’s okay if I feel 1546378987 times uglier than her because “you love me even if I’m not as attractive anyway”, right? Yeah, right.
So, out of plain curiousity, I’d like to know what is it that interests you that you have to take a second look at these girls.
Her boobs and/or arse? Her strut? Her style? Her 32 24 32 ? Grin. Don’t know what the perfect measurement is these days.
I’m just curious.
I know what catches my attention about a girl. Her babydoll look.

It seems to be the fad today which I’m not planning to chase anytime soon or even throughout this lifetime. It seems like too much effort that these girls put in, the blond hair, the 1234584376543 layers of make up, the thought of matching-your-make-up- to-your-nails-to-your-hair-to-your-8-inch-shoes, I’d be too lazy to even get out of bed!
But my point is, if I’m inclined to looking (and sometimes staring) at these girls, then you guys must be going gaga over these girls, kan?
So, is this look really what does it for you? Is this why you give them more attention than you do to me?
But, it’s just wayy too much effort for my liking.
Plus, there’s this theory that these girls are really fugly beneath all that make-up. Maybe I should stick to my “barely there” look just so I don’t fit into that stereotype.
Anyway, I have my men friends who said that those aren’t the kinda girls they’d like to settle down with. So, if that’s the case, then all that effort would be wasted anyway because I don’t wanna be your call girl, tyvm!

Friday, March 12, 2010


I’m a little hungry now.
Because I’ve been trying to eat lesser these days, if not to lose weight then just for my general health.

And because of this whole withdrawal symptom from eating till my stomach bloats from flatulence, I’ve been having cravings for some specific food.
Here’s some of them in no specific order;
  1. Fried oysters
  2. Assam Laksa
  3. Steamed cod fish or any other fish is fine
  4. Seaweed
  5. Boiled eggs
  6. Marmite
  7. … That Korean triangular rice thingy
  8. Korean food in general
  9. Japanese soup noodles
  10. … Anything tasty. I have fussy taste buds.
  11. Instant noodles- specifically IndoMee & Mamee Tom Yam Noodles!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Making Her Up

Over the weekend (the previous one, of course), I met up some old friends from school. We’ve been hanging out as a group for almost 10 years now, and NO I did not leave school 10 years ago, tyvm! So.. Dinner @Ole Ole Bali of which the Avocado Shake is absofrigginlutely awesome!
*Photos to be posted soon, I hope. Hey, I didn’t take pictures that night, it was someone else camera and if she doesn’t upload & tag me on FB, then I’ll just have to wait till she does!
Anyway, what do girls do when they get together? Apart from the catching up and all that, of course Wai Teng had some wonderful news that topped all of ours, which is besides the point. After updating each other on the necessities (because we can!), we talked about make-up again. The not-so-new fad is back- eyeliner. I think that I can safely conclude that we’ve gone round the bush with lipgloss, mascara, bronzer, highlighter, blush, etc.. Anyway, then came the debate of which make-up we liked best.
All of us have tried Kate’s Gel Eye-Liner.
And a couple of us stuck to it. I never owned one, but once upon a time on our 6-day trip to Bangkok (where the 5 of us had to fight for that typical hotel-room-sized-mirror every morning) I had the opportunity to try them in 3 colours- black, brown and black with them glitters. It’s great because you can sweat like a farm pig and it still wouldn’t smudge. Can anyone say Chak Tu Chak Market @ Bangkok !? Yeah, you get the idea. Anyway,  you can get it from any leading pharmacies (Watson/Guardian,duh!) and even SaSa for RM 49.90 or something of that sort, and it even comes with a brush. Not really promoting it or anything, but since we’re talking about this, I might as well post up all the information I got from the girls.
Then, there’s the whole debate of M.A.C or Bobbi Brown producing better make-up !! Unnecessary, but totally educational. A couple of years ago, I used to patronize M.A.C. I had the whole works going on- well, some of it. Mascara, Gel Eyeliner, bronzer/highlighter. And I still like it.. To an extent. Because I discovered Bobbi Brown! IMPO, BB’s gel eyeliner totally lasts longer than M.A.C because it doesn’t even smudge even after a long’s night out at the club and after a crazy workout. Admittedly, I sometimes workout or go for jogs with my make up on because I’m too lazy to get them off prior. Grin.
Unfortunately, M.A.C doesn’t last too long on my face after I oil up or sweat. So.. My pot of jet black gel eyeliner by M.A.C is still half-full after 2 years whilst my pot of bronze shimmer gel eyeliner by BB is almost a 3/4 empty. Maybe I’m biased, I’ve learned to love the whole earthy look, thereby using less black these days. Unless the occasion calls for sexy! Lol.
Anyway, without undermining M.A.C because I still use their products, I think that BB has better eyeliners! Sorry @Wai Teng. Grin.

Since we’re talking about BB. I’m not ashamed to admit that I can’t leave the house without applying my BB Shimmer Bricks without feeling naked. Now, I know you think I sound like a complete bimbo by now, BUT FYI EVERY GIRL DESERVES TO FEEL LIKE A PRINCESS EVERYDAY! And if feeling like a princess means applying a thin layer of “barely there” make-up, then leave her be !! Sheesh!

This is me. Apricot Shimmer Bricks by Bobbi Brown ! Unfortunately, I think it’s no longer available in this colour (daymn! everytime you find something you like, they discontinue it in that specific colour!- and I quote this from P.S. I love you by Cecelia Ahern) so ya’ll will just have to find another colour that suits you best. The Sister uses the exact same thing in the colour Rose.
Even the Boyf has come to terms that we love BB so much that we cannot leave the house without shimmering it up!
Btw, it works awesome as an eye shadow as well!
All in all, we’ve come a long way since those fugly days we had in school.
Can’t believe I used to walk around like that..



Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More photos of the Boyf & I

Admittedly, I’ve been neglecting my blog.
That’s only because so many things has happened lately.
And I’m not here to update you about my life.. Or the major parts anyway.
At least, not yet.
But here are some awesome photos of the Boyf and I while he was here.
And the third part is courtesy of (grin, i actually stole it) Nick Betts!
Yeay. Loves.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Poyo People

I don't think that I'm awfully judgmental.
But, being human and all that, I can't help myself sometimes..

Today met someone who's first year med, and the first semester only started last week.
(For anonymousity's sake, let's call this someone A).
Which means- this is A's 6
th day of classes into the semester (assuming that A's got classes all last week).

I cannot speak for everyone BUT I have friends who's done med, are still doing med and to make matters worse for A,
I am dating a med student.
And I have never seen any of my med friends or boyf going bonkers and crazy!

Yeah, so I get that it's a tough course, 
(SO IS PSYCHOLOGY OK!! Damn attention-seeking giler, but whatever -_- )
but to walk about looking like a zombie and telling people that it's normal because A's a med student.

So, it's not like anyone put a gun to your head and asked you to do med, kan? Just deal with it!
It's like those people who are fasting and has to declare to the whole world that they're fasting.

OMFG!! Damn poyo right!!?

It's in the Bible, yo. God will bless those who fast in silence okay!!

Grr. Just needed to vent.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The “Pride” of Men, yeah right.

There are a million things that I love about mankind, and if you’re literate you’d realize that it includes women. Pfft.
We’re intelligent creatures, because we are able to weigh our possibilities and systematically work towards a rational and logical decision.
Unfortunately, we are also nature’s worst beast. But maybe I’ll look into writing up about that later.

My point today here is that I absolutely detest the pride of men. Now, don’t get me wrong because it is the pride that gets me attracted to the male population in the first place. But to a certain limit, and a rational one at that.
We are all predisposed to being attracted to certain traits that we deem worthy of the opposite sex (of in some case, the same sex which by the way, I am not judging). Like, whether or not that man can fend of us in time of trouble and provide for us in the times of need.
I’m getting way out of topic now BUT this is really cause yours truly is sooo annoyed with that man she saw on the street this afternoon.
So, I was in a hurry because I was gonna have some lunch with some friends and I was already running late because parking’s a bitch in Sunway i tell you !
And here was a man, holding his keys out (I should have known it was too good to be true), and so I followed behind him like a loyal and trained pet for about 150 metres and I even indicated with my lights that I’m gonna be taking his lot after him. And he reached his car, went into the car, and did God knows what for a whole minute or so, which felt like eternity by the way. And all this while, he looked over to my direction several times. And guess what he had to guts to do !!? Just take a wild guess !!

He got out of his car, locked it, walked backwards to my direction and never looked at me one bit !! WTF !!?!? Seriously !?!?! What kind of human is that? More like, what kind of man is that !?!? Do they seriously exist ?!!? Talk about a useless piece of crap. He didn’t even have to courtesy to tell me he wasn’t leaving, or apologize, or even GESTURED that he was not going to leave !! Seriously man, wtf !?!? I wasted a good 2 minutes or so there when I could have left and look for a better parking spot (which I did, btw..).
So, that’s all. Needed to express my frustration.. Of old chinky men!
By the by, your so called “pride” makes you look stupid, if you didn’t already know. Kinda pointless to act all prideful and macho and all that, isn’t it?