Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Other Type of Girl

Dear all,
I have a question.
What’s it with boys and looking at girls who manages to be everywhere and look absofrigginlutely gorgeous every second of the day?
I mean, if you’re single and totally available then fine. But if you have your hands and arms wrapped around a girl you claim as your girlf, then, why is it there always seem to be someone else better looking lurkin around each and everytime you go out that catches your eye that you have to pretend to scratch your head to take a second look at her, or stop to look for something in your pocket just so you can take a second peek without your girlf suspecting anything?
And the Boyf’s eye-level is 3 heads higher than mine, I wouldn’t even know if he’s doing it and that is just NOT cool!
Talk about double standards.
You like looking at these girls BUT it’s okay if I feel 1546378987 times uglier than her because “you love me even if I’m not as attractive anyway”, right? Yeah, right.
So, out of plain curiousity, I’d like to know what is it that interests you that you have to take a second look at these girls.
Her boobs and/or arse? Her strut? Her style? Her 32 24 32 ? Grin. Don’t know what the perfect measurement is these days.
I’m just curious.
I know what catches my attention about a girl. Her babydoll look.

It seems to be the fad today which I’m not planning to chase anytime soon or even throughout this lifetime. It seems like too much effort that these girls put in, the blond hair, the 1234584376543 layers of make up, the thought of matching-your-make-up- to-your-nails-to-your-hair-to-your-8-inch-shoes, I’d be too lazy to even get out of bed!
But my point is, if I’m inclined to looking (and sometimes staring) at these girls, then you guys must be going gaga over these girls, kan?
So, is this look really what does it for you? Is this why you give them more attention than you do to me?
But, it’s just wayy too much effort for my liking.
Plus, there’s this theory that these girls are really fugly beneath all that make-up. Maybe I should stick to my “barely there” look just so I don’t fit into that stereotype.
Anyway, I have my men friends who said that those aren’t the kinda girls they’d like to settle down with. So, if that’s the case, then all that effort would be wasted anyway because I don’t wanna be your call girl, tyvm!

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Anonymous said...

Attraction differs for different guys, some guys like girls who wear heaps of make up and the such. For me its different, since i think a bit further and think about how she looks without the 5 inches of make up.I probably care mroe about how she carries herself (too much make-up=fake to me). Either way, a little make up is nice, too much is blergh, but some guys have different values.
As for boyfriends looking at other girls when their out with their significant other...i think its pretty normal, and if a girl does look really good (with or without makeup) and has some really good "assets" then fine, as long as he enjoys it in the moment, and doesnt let it occupy his mind for another 5 days it shouldnt be that harmful...In the end we are mammals that just wanna reproduce, however we develop morals that prevent us from taking initiative, which is a good thing. I think especially if your in a relationship for a long time, physical attraction fades a little bit and men (i dont know about females) probably start looking at other girls more frequently, and only the ones that value ur personality are able to derive that there is more to happiness than a spanking hot arse :P (Character is very very important, relationships are like a good conversation after all). Physical attributes are very important though, both parties should be physically attracted to each other, sex has gotta happen!
So my biased "male" opinion is that as long as the stare is done without any further intention its alright...i could be wrong though, morals are hard to define :P

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