Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Poyo People

I don't think that I'm awfully judgmental.
But, being human and all that, I can't help myself sometimes..

Today met someone who's first year med, and the first semester only started last week.
(For anonymousity's sake, let's call this someone A).
Which means- this is A's 6
th day of classes into the semester (assuming that A's got classes all last week).

I cannot speak for everyone BUT I have friends who's done med, are still doing med and to make matters worse for A,
I am dating a med student.
And I have never seen any of my med friends or boyf going bonkers and crazy!

Yeah, so I get that it's a tough course, 
(SO IS PSYCHOLOGY OK!! Damn attention-seeking giler, but whatever -_- )
but to walk about looking like a zombie and telling people that it's normal because A's a med student.

So, it's not like anyone put a gun to your head and asked you to do med, kan? Just deal with it!
It's like those people who are fasting and has to declare to the whole world that they're fasting.

OMFG!! Damn poyo right!!?

It's in the Bible, yo. God will bless those who fast in silence okay!!

Grr. Just needed to vent.




Maybe it's too tough for him... he should try a different course... like... art?

CuterThanYourBum said...

But who am I to judge.
I'm no med student.

Alex said...

Yeah, well I am a med student... and honestly the kid should suck it up or change course?

Also, year 1 is such a cruise... I think he'll be in for a bit of a shock in year 3 or 4.

We get one or two people who change course every year because they don't like it or can't take it... it happens.

Anonymous said...

ooo...wait till that person comes to final year...i'm like trying to stay alive for as long as i can....hahahhaha.....

year 1 to 3 was the easiest! my can that person complain? *weird*

wai teng

CuterThanYourBum said...

Don't die WT !! The world will be a different without you, and I don't mean it in any diplomatic sorta way. It will be BAD without you!!

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