Thursday, March 18, 2010

That White Boy

So, I’ve been noticing that all around me there are so many people who are dating Caucasian boys. The mall, the restaurant, the movies, the park ..etc. You get the picture.

Now, although dating a person of another race is NO new thing, I am referring to Caucasian men! White. Enough said. It’s like a fashion to walk around holding a white man’s hand and have his arms around your waist. And believe me, a Chinese/Caucasian couple gets more attention than anything else. I know, because you caught my attention. And I know, because I caught you staring at me too.

Now, I’ve never really given a care about the race of the person I date. It’s more of what is in his head (& heart) that matters to me. But it just so happened that this time round’ I found what I like in a Caucasian. I’m not exactly a trend follower here so I really feel the need to justify that I’m not a follower of the fad! And everytime I see people staring at me, I know that they’re judging me to be that shallow person I sometimes seem to look.

You see, a couple of months ago, I went on a trip to Langkawi with the Boyf. And because he’s white and I’m not, everyone was staring. First I was highly convinced that they were staring because I am, after all at least 1 head and three quarter shorter than he is. Which means that he’s about 1 head taller than most men. So, his height could have been the factor. Then after sooo many times of people staring, I started feeling like one of those escorts in Thailand or the such bringing a horny white tourist around- a gold-digger no doubt. No offence to you girls, not judging you in any way whatsoever and I’m sure it’s a considerably respectable job in your circle. BUT!! I am a Psychology graduate and I was a Psychology lecturer at that point in time. I felt absolutely degraded, it was not even funny okay. Anyway, Langkawi or not, it sometimes happens here in the city okay! I can feel your judging eyes at the back of my head!!!

But anyway..

Here’s why I’m in love with a white boy today. He’s proven to be by far, the most opinionated person (within reason, of course) and not clouded by the “teachings” of a (many) ridiculous cultures. He’s Romanian, which means that he was brought up in a collectivist society. But wait, he’s also Australian, thereby making him think and act as an individualist. I love that mix in him, and although the Australian in him dominates his entire being, I might be in love with him because there’s still a twinge of Romanian in him. Da?

Now, here’s why I don’t think I can be with another typical man brought up the Malaysian way. And yes, I am generalizing! Firstly, all you men can think about is- making money! Fine, nothing wrong with that. We all do that. But there’s got to be more to life than just business and money making schemes. What about life? What about enjoyment? Don’t you seek to learn more about other things in life- what do people do in other cultures, how to they think and why do they act the way they do? What about other creatures, there’s more to love in this world than just women and money! Every time I talk to you, it’s about money. Grr. So, I get that being rich is important but apart from thinking about money all the time, can’t we switch to a more interesting conversation every 5 minutes or so? Like, global warming and civilization. Or if your head cannot take deep conversations like that, let’s talk about the latest movie. Let’s discuss the meaning of the movie instead of just the storyline. The problem with you “macho” men is that whilst you’re making the big bucks and driving the big cars (which, you know what they say about big cars kan? It’s to make up for small “packages”), your brains are kinda.. empty when it comes to general knowledge and stuff. You’re easily contented with the big bucks in your wallet and bank account, but I don’t see how you can hold your head high with such pride when your brains kinda, empty. Here’s a secret, not every girl likes just your money. I’d rather you have some brains to keep me entertained than your money.

Plus, I like a man to be able to teach me things, help me see the world in a different light everyday and support me thru my silliness and stupidity while guiding me to learn things. I am after all, a firm believer than life is a learning process. It’s a journey. Funny how I’m the one you call a bimbo when you’re pretty much the male version of one. Masculine, my *rse.

Anyway, in all these months that we’ve been together, the Boyf has done just that. Taught me things and agree with my opinions. Whenever he disagrees with me, he’s got some valid reason to back him up. He even takes in all my arguments like a man and accepts me for who I am. I like that in a man. Rationality and logic is all it takes to suck me in.

Unfortunately, its a trait I rarely see in the guys I grew up with. Or even the people I’m meeting today. Everytime I strike a conversation that is remotely intellectual and interesting to me, all you do is yawn or shut me up tune out. On the other hand, because the Westerners (am not referring to just the Caucasians) are brought up differently with better education systems, most of them are just way more intellectual than most Malaysians are.

So, I have come to a conclusion. All these years of feeling like I can never fit it the society that I grew up in, I’ve concluded that at least half the girls I see dating a white guy is as similar to me in that she might have never been understood in her very own social circle as well. Some girls are just way deeper than you think, boys.

The other half, may very well be the bimbos you all think I am.



Alex said...

You're NOT a bimbo!?!? Ok I'm outta here.

Haha, I love you too baby...

CuterThanYourBum said...

Yeay me !

Anonymous said...

yeah right!!!

Anonymous said...

interesting post i must say. sadly, from what i gather from ur blog - ur a typical msian girl who thinks proudly of her caucasian bf. your justifications are weak and pathetic at best. clearly u have not met a lot of intellectual malaysiana, i suggest u pop the bubble that you call 'your opinion' and start realising that malaysians are pretty damn capable to. Have u had a conversation with a malaysian who studied abroad? lets not count twinning programmes with lesser aussie unis as abroad, but msians who have studied at ivy leagues in the states and top schools in the uk? believe me when i say the cultural conversation that you are looking for might be too much for you to handle. romanian mixed aussie? please save me the brag. Last i check he is equally unintellectual as you are. have a read - something for you to aspire to.


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