Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The “Pride” of Men, yeah right.

There are a million things that I love about mankind, and if you’re literate you’d realize that it includes women. Pfft.
We’re intelligent creatures, because we are able to weigh our possibilities and systematically work towards a rational and logical decision.
Unfortunately, we are also nature’s worst beast. But maybe I’ll look into writing up about that later.

My point today here is that I absolutely detest the pride of men. Now, don’t get me wrong because it is the pride that gets me attracted to the male population in the first place. But to a certain limit, and a rational one at that.
We are all predisposed to being attracted to certain traits that we deem worthy of the opposite sex (of in some case, the same sex which by the way, I am not judging). Like, whether or not that man can fend of us in time of trouble and provide for us in the times of need.
I’m getting way out of topic now BUT this is really cause yours truly is sooo annoyed with that man she saw on the street this afternoon.
So, I was in a hurry because I was gonna have some lunch with some friends and I was already running late because parking’s a bitch in Sunway i tell you !
And here was a man, holding his keys out (I should have known it was too good to be true), and so I followed behind him like a loyal and trained pet for about 150 metres and I even indicated with my lights that I’m gonna be taking his lot after him. And he reached his car, went into the car, and did God knows what for a whole minute or so, which felt like eternity by the way. And all this while, he looked over to my direction several times. And guess what he had to guts to do !!? Just take a wild guess !!

He got out of his car, locked it, walked backwards to my direction and never looked at me one bit !! WTF !!?!? Seriously !?!?! What kind of human is that? More like, what kind of man is that !?!? Do they seriously exist ?!!? Talk about a useless piece of crap. He didn’t even have to courtesy to tell me he wasn’t leaving, or apologize, or even GESTURED that he was not going to leave !! Seriously man, wtf !?!? I wasted a good 2 minutes or so there when I could have left and look for a better parking spot (which I did, btw..).
So, that’s all. Needed to express my frustration.. Of old chinky men!
By the by, your so called “pride” makes you look stupid, if you didn’t already know. Kinda pointless to act all prideful and macho and all that, isn’t it?


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