Sunday, March 14, 2010

Today, Xia Xue weds

Now, for everyone who’s even remotely connected to the blog world, you’d know who she is. That blogger from Singapore who’s famous for her witty tongue and brave comments. Over the years, she’s been writing about her life and opinions openly and I’m sure the all of Singapore and most of the world would know her.

Recently engaged with her fiancée Mike from the US,  she got married today and needless to say, spoiled with the most extravagant of choices for the best wedding a girl could ever have.

So, here’s my heartiest and warmest wishes for the both of you (even if you may never read this post). Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Sayre.

* I know it’s no big deal that she’s married BUT I’ve been reading her blog for so many years that although her stories could be edited to sound more dramatic, it feels like you know someone from all she says okay. And she’s about the only person I know who’s about my age and married. My friends are still, playing about so.. it’s exciting! Plus, I'm dating a Caucasian too.. 


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