Friday, March 12, 2010


I’m a little hungry now.
Because I’ve been trying to eat lesser these days, if not to lose weight then just for my general health.

And because of this whole withdrawal symptom from eating till my stomach bloats from flatulence, I’ve been having cravings for some specific food.
Here’s some of them in no specific order;
  1. Fried oysters
  2. Assam Laksa
  3. Steamed cod fish or any other fish is fine
  4. Seaweed
  5. Boiled eggs
  6. Marmite
  7. … That Korean triangular rice thingy
  8. Korean food in general
  9. Japanese soup noodles
  10. … Anything tasty. I have fussy taste buds.
  11. Instant noodles- specifically IndoMee & Mamee Tom Yam Noodles!!

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