Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blogging, a Lifestyle.

Me: I think my blog's kinda dead.

Sis: Yes. It kinda is.

So, I decided that I'd do something about it.

See, blogging is not just an avenue to bitch about one's life or in fact, many peoples' lives. It's also not a place just to put pretty pictures of oneself, photoshop-ed of course. It is in truth, a lifestyle.

I'm not the type who'd go on and on about my daily life, on what I've been doing or what I've been saying. Also, as much as I love taking pictures (being on both sides of the camera is fine by me), I highly doubt I'd parade it here for the world to see and judge. That's why they created Facebook.

But I love reading blogs by people from around the world, and I find that these daily life routine thingamajig seem to be the most popular ones. You know, the ones with photoshop-ed near-to-perfect photos. Those picture-perfect shots with their better halves. I'm especially amazed by how it is really the girls who are reading about the other girl's life. Or, woman, if you must. Could it be that the rest of the world really do give a damn about what one was doing the past day and how she felt about it? I'm really under the impression that the fatal attraction is caused by the gossips. Please, don't bother justifying. I am in every way as guilty.

As for me, I'm still deliberating. Am I up for this lifestyle? I still don't know..

Wouldn't it be more fun if you got to know me the conventional way?


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