Friday, September 25, 2009

Transparency of the WWW

It is amazing how technology is doing wonders in our lives. Whether it’s for work, school or play, more than half of the population in developed nations cannot live with the Internet. Or 3G. Or as it is probably now known as 3.5G? Lol.

Anyway, my point is, almost everyone is addicted to the internet. Emails and text messages from loved ones that we cannot go without, updates of your friends on Twitter and Facebook, not to mention the “kay pohs” who cannot live a day without prying into their friends’ photos on Facebook, Flickr and the such. Yours truly included, of course.

My point is, that it’s scary how transparent our lives are become because of this. You do one thing, and BAAAM!, the world knows about it the next day. In fact, you don’t even have to update your own statuses and the next thing you know, friends are asking if “this” or “that” really happened. And you’d go like... “How’d you know about it?” because you did not publicise it at all. And they’d go, “Yeah, I saw it on FB”. Wtf!?

Talk about invasion of privacy.

There are aspects of my life that I am very open about. Yes. But only to those whom I trust with my life. I don’t expect the world to know my every gritty details, heck, I don’t want them to know. There are things that I’d like to keep private. Things that are personal to me. Yeah, so you’d think that me having a blog kind of contradicts that. BUT, I get to choose what I want you to know. I make that decision. I still have that power. But when someone else talks about me on spaces they shouldn’t be doing, that is not fair. Because I’d never do that to you.

Talk about pride and dignity. What about job opportunities and stigmatization. Just because I did something out of my lack of judgement once does not mean that I did not learn from it. Does not mean that I did not grow up.

Because it so many ways, we are not the people we were yesterday. I’m giving you that benefit of doubt. It’s fair that I demand the same.

Placing something on the internet may mean that you are throwing one’s life away, even if you don’t realise it. Information, false or otherwise true will affect one’s reputation. Therefore I ask you, who are you to do that to a person? Is it your place to judge?..

So, before you make comments or judgements that could affect a person’s reputation, think twice. And when you come to a conclusion that contradicts your conscience and better judgement, think a third time.

Not everyone will have that one chance to make things right again.


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