Thursday, September 17, 2009

What were U thinking?

It’s been a while since I last wrote, not so much because I stopped thinking. I may have gotten stuck with the writing due to a very long and absolutely divine vacation. Needless to say, much has happened since then and I had to read everyone else’s blogs to motivate me to continue on my writings. I have all these inspirations, just no motivation.

I’ve been thinking a lot about growing up and taking control over my life. Sometimes, being given the autonomy to make one’s own decisions may not be the best achievement in life, but really, it’s gaining the ownership to hold responsibility for one’s own decisions and actions. Something enjoyable at most times, I must say but absolutely too much sometimes. I hardly think myself of mature at all, let alone an adult. But when the situation calls for it, fortunately, I am able to take control of it..

.. Eventually.

But that is just me. What about the many others who were not as fortunate as I was, not given the chance to make responsible decisions?.. I’ve been catching up on news, not just in Malaysia but also in Australia (because I was there for 2 months, what crap excuse) and I am taken aback by the ridiculous increase of crime rates. Sometimes I’d like to tell myself that the crime rates are the same, there are just more people reporting it through the media or various ways over the internet, that’s all. But still, it shocks me that people are making rash decisions, not so much burglary or robbery or the such (although they are as unscrupulous as any other crime) but really, what were these people thinking before kidnapping, raping and murdering people?.. What was seriously on their minds? I can’t help but wonder. Did they know that they’d get into trouble, and be sentenced to life-long imprisonment or worse, capital punishment? Or were they just hoping that they wouldn’t get caught? I was reading the Australian news 2 days ago via the internet and a man was convicted for rape and murder over 20 years ago. And when they were trying to inject the lethal drug into him, they just couldn’t find his veins. For over an hour, apparently. He even tried to help. While crying. Weeping. So, back he goes into his cell (which he has been calling home for the past 20 years) while waiting for his “time” to come. AGAIN.

So, here goes. I concluded that he did regret his actions but, if you already know this could have been the possible consequence, why do it in the first place? I am in no position to judge the rest of us civilians. I am no saint, myself. But the point is not about doing something wrong on a miniscule level, but doing something that is judged unacceptable by society at large and that causes harm to other people.

On a whole other level, I’d like to know what most people think about capital punishment. It is, in my opinion, a very interesting debate. One that has yet to bore me, at least.

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