Friday, September 18, 2009

Media: Friend or Foe?

I haven’t been very interpersonal in my blog. So I decided that instead of the usual carefully thought out topics that I always write, I’d do something more of my life right now. Just for humour’s sake.

So I’m sitting here in my office with nothing much to do. One. Because I have just finished what I was planning to finish for this week. Two. Because I don’t want to begin something and not be able to finish it. Three. I hate letting work hang over the weekend. So, I’m just sitting at my table, hugging my pillow and watching comedies on youtube.

Some of the things that I always, and I do mean ALWAYS watch are “The Nanny” and “Mind your language”. It never gets too old for me. I can watch it over again the next day and still laugh at the same jokes, I cannot imagine being bored with them ever. When in doubt, always search for these TV shows. And it makes me think about how TV shows like these are not popular anymore. No, not the comedy part. The part where there’s still social morals in it. Relatively, at least.

My point is, notice how TV shows that sell are those that are dramatic and scandalous. Grin. Once again, I’m not judging. If you know me, I’m also as guilty for watching TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Gossip Girl. But, it only shows how our moral standards are influenced by the media. You don’t see rates of scandals, abortion and suicide as high as they are today in the 80’s or the 90’s, do you? I’m not saying that I’m holier than thou because I’m not exactly doing much to decrease these rates anyway. Whilst I do not condone these behaviours, I’m not entirely against them either. I believe in the school of thought of “it’s really none of my business”, therefore, it’s not my place to judge or condemn you either. Not very Christian, I know. But it’s your choice to do whatever you want to do anyway. If I was living in the dark ages, I definitely would not be the one who will hang you or put you at the stakes. I have strong opinions but just because I disagree with you does not mean that I will disown our relationship, whether family or friend.

Anyway, I tried my best to talk about my day. Worked well the first paragraph then I don’t know what happen. Guess I just cannot help myself. Grin. For humour’s sake.

Well, I’ve been invited to join the photography club. Seems like a good idea, thus, I may pop by their photography session for a bit.



Kenrick said...

The Nanny and Mind your Language. Ahhh two classics. When I rewatched The Nanny after I go astro some time back, I never realized how adult the humor was. Veli innocent when in primary school then. :S
I miss others like like cosby, sienfield, home improvement. Solid shows then.

"Well, I’ve been invited to join the photography club."
I think you are about to be a Model. ;D

chris@dotagaki said...

lol. Dropping by :)

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