Monday, July 26, 2010

That Perfect Date.

I’ve always believed that I’m a hopeless romantic.

Not that I’m the romantic one in any way, can’t say I’ve ever made a romantic gesture before. But I’ve always wanted a crazy romantic person who’d spoil me with never ending proclamations of his love for me and shower me with all that sweet nothings.

A couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t have been more sure that I’ve found one.

It was a private occasion, of course. Just to celebrate something between the both of us.. But I wasn’t expecting much. I would have been satisfied with just a little dinner for two someplace decent. But no, this darling of mine decided to surprise me with something nicer than a candlelight dinner for two.

Place: No 35 @ Sofitel on Collin’s Street.


The suddenly romantic boyf who swept me off my feet once again.
(Having his entrée)


And here’s me, photo taken by a less than perfect photographer, of course.


My darling devouring his, brisket.

Me and my fish, which I’d like to proudly say that I managed to feed up some.
(For those of you who don’t know, he eats NO seafood whatsoever, except John West’s Smoked Tuna, which apparently, isn’t fishy –_-).

Dessert – Orange & Pistachio. Yummeh.


Check out the view. DSCN4851

Here’s my rosé! The boyf has to drive so he had a Ginger-ish mocktail –_-DSCN4853  DSCN4855
We had a great waiter, unfortunately, not as great a photographer =( oh well.

Here’s to memories. First, of many more.


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