Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I put my pen down and learn to type.

So we all judge.
Big deal!

I have recently realised that we are all predisposed to stereotypes, and with that, we insist on judging people even from the first time we meet. A mere 20-second timeframe is enough too size someone up and that impression is stuck there for as long as possible, if not, forever. 

I have learned not to give much care to what others think of me. Except those who matter, of course. As a result of that, many don't really know me as I am. But if you take the time and bothered to care, you'd realise I'm not the person you supposedly think I am. Most of the time I shield myself behind this mask, to protect myself, maybe, I don't really know. The bottom line is that I'm often misunderstood. And I rarely give a crap about it. But I sure as hell know how it feels.

The purpose of this post, of course, has nothing to do with my being misunderstood. On the contrary, I'd like to express my two cents of how I have often mistunderstand others, whether friends or acquaintances. As for strangers, you can't really blame me. 

Judging isn't wrong. I think it's a natural process to protect ourselves from harm. But when it gets out of hand, it hurts people. I met a friend the other day, someone whom I have stereotyped for a long time.  Not that I thought he was a bad person, just a person different from the real him. At the same time, he never really expressed this part of him, and mostly just portrayed himself to be the person whom I (and most of the world) stereotyped him to be. Then, I realised that it's really my fault because I never really gave him a chance. I never took the time to know him better, or even to understand where is he coming from. There must be a reason for a person to choose not to portray himself as he is. I should know. I am one of them.

It got me thinking on a larger scale that, I have often misjudged others and because of that sometimes, a relationship (not just bgr, but even as friends or companions) cannot be formed. It's like a wall you build that causes no loss to anyone else but you. You lose that friendship, you lose that moment in your life when that person may actually help you be a better person in this world. 

I often admire those who are more honest about themselves and what they think. It's not that I'm a hypocrit, I just prefer to keep things to myself. Personal things about me and my thoughts about the world. 

This is about to change, with this blog, I hope. I need to express myself, and here's where I begin.


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