Saturday, June 13, 2009

Where does the time Go?


My friend opened a cafe!

I never once thought I'd have anyone who'd invest in a business at such an early stage in life.
Guess I must have been spoiled my whole life (Thanks mom and dad, if either one of you is reading this!),
that the idea of investing into something would sound preposterous, let alone the very act of it.

It's funny how time passes you by and before you realise it, you're an adult.
The old days in school are long gone, even though it feels like as if you left school yesterday.

I met my lecturer when I was back in my Pre-U days in Taylor's College
(now called Taylor's University College, mind you!).
When I went up to her, she couldn't even remember me;
(At this point, I have only left 3.5 years ago!).
Anyway, all is good, can't really blame her, she's got gazillions of students each year.
Funnily though, she remembered my class rep (good for you, Oliver!).
But my point is,
where does the time go?

Has it all been wasted on nothingness?
Have I really done any good to anyone at all?
Let's not even go to the point of society at large.

I mean, there has really got to be a reason for us all to be here.
I believe so.
At some point or another, I think that we are all meant to do some good here on earth.
But the question is, when do we start doing good?
And how do we contribute to our respective societies (and for those who can do so eventually, to the whole world)?
There comes to a point in life where I believe you've got to leave a mark.
At least before you leave this earth, and move on to a (hopefully) better place called Heaven.

I suppose we all have our flaws.
And we've got our entire youth to correct them, if not to remove our flaws.
All the partying and good times, I believe are essential for us to grow up.
But at which point does it stop?
And when should one start reflecting that his life should not just be on his own terms per say,
but that he or she should start working together with society to make our world a better place?

When, may I ask is the perfect time to really sit down and think about where we'd really like our lives to be?
Where do we head from here?
How do we decide that it is time to take a turn?
When do we grow up?
Where is the Crossroad?!!

I certainly would not want it to be on my deathbed.

So, here is where I take a break.
My life as a child will never end.
My youth with all the never-ending partying and crazy times, will never leave me.
I am still not willing to give that up.
But I'd like to take break.
Make that sacrifice and grow up.
Reflect on my life.
And make the necessary changes in my life.
So that I can make a difference in someone else's life.


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