Thursday, June 11, 2009

Out of sight, out of mind.

Does that phrase really have a literally meaning linked to it?
I seriously doubt so.
Even if it is so, I believe that it's only momentary that a certain something can leave your mind, when it is out of your sight. A brief time.
This perhaps is especially true for things that truly mean something to us.

Could it be possible that the person who created this phrase really meant that we'll only forget after many moments have passed; months, years, centuries.

I suppose that I am not making sense at the moment.
But in my opinion, that phrase does not mean anything at all because there are many things that I do
remember or think about even when it is not in front of me.

Maybe it is just me. I may think more than others. Hence, I may have these things in my mind for longer periods of time.
But at the same time, is it possible to think that just because someone or something is not in front of you, you would not think of them? What about the brief moments where something just triggers your memory of them? Then, in that sense, this phrase would mean nothing at all.

In that case, then perhaps these "moments" where you don't think about these people or things, it could be justified by the fact that you're distracted by other things, more important or perhaps, much more urgent at that moment.

Then again, I can't say that I remember everyone and everything all the time. True. I am only human. But most things and people that make a lasting impression in my life would definitely appear to me in brief moments every day of my life. When it isn't a conscious act, know that you are in my mind unconsciously, even if it's just in my dreams.

I suppose that it does give a sort of feeling of disappointment or some other hurtful feelings when people know that they aren't remembered. I can't say the same for things because for obvious reasons, they can't feel (As if you didn't already know that). So.. the next time one asks you if you have forgotten about him/her, then saying "out of sigh, out of mind" does not really justify why you haven't called them out or even for a chat for ages. It'll prolly just make things worse.

I mean, how unimportant can one be to not be remembered!?

Attending to more urgent or important things are fair enough reasons.
Don't say you don't remember me because I am out of you sight. It hurts.
Because I remember you even if it's just in my dreams!
Talk about information overload.

My mind can't contain that much anymore, I need to find a place to leave my thoughts.
This totally reminds me of the Pensieve that Professor Dumbledore has in Harry Potter.
Grin. I'd really like one of those.

Here's one thing that will never leave my mind.
The more I am distressed, the longer it stays in my mind.
Simply love it.

I sooo need a beach house somewhere.. (Over the rainbow!).
From the sunset to the moon, stars, sky.
Gotta love it!
Can't pay me enough for it to leave my mind. Ever.


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:cLarYn: said...

jocelyn kung, if you're talking abt me, just say la that you miss me. seriously. stop going round the mulberry bush!

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