Saturday, April 17, 2010


Today the boyf and I decided to take a walk because staying indoors was unbearably hot and not to mention claustrophobic, and the weather was pleasant with the sun about to set soon.

It was a wonderful half hour, we chat bout things and caught up about life and just getting to know about each other’s thoughts about the events of the day.

I was happy. My life is, albeit in a mess at the moment, but we’re very happy together. We both lead healthy lives and we’re good people- there’s really nothing to complain about when you think about it. Of course, just like everyone else, there are so many things that we’d like, so many aspects to improve on, but in general, we’re contented and there shouldn’t be anything to complain about.

On our way home, I saw a person I’ve only ever see from far, always walking around alone and doing things by himself. And today he was sitting just right in front of me, eating, prolly having trouble putting the snack into his mouth because from an early judgment, he might be suffering from what is known as Tourette’s Syndrome. He, has a tic. Prolly more than one, too. Or he may actually have something else.

I felt sad. Saddened by the fact that he may not have any friends. That people tend to avoid him because he is different. Maybe he is, but if he’s a university student then I don’t think he can be very stupid, okay!
But he’s always alone when I see him, and he’s always just about like nobody cares about him. And I felt a sudden pang of sadness. For him and for the likes of him. The social stigma that comes with their conditions.

So, when he looked my way I gave a him a big smile. A grin as wide as my face would allow. And he smiled back. I teared.

Maybe I should talk to him next time.

After all, this is something I plan to do in the future. To help the disabled, especially those who are not as mentally healthy as most of us are.

Might as well tough it up now and get started. Now’s as good a time as any other, right?

Er.. Right.


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