Monday, April 26, 2010

My Weekend @ the Boyf's Home.

The girl couldn't find the time to blog this weekend because the boyf went home to Tassie, and of course, she followed suit. Grin.

It's been a wonderful weekend being with half his family and being brought around to places he used to go to. I feel like I'm getting to know him all over again, this time his past, his history and the things that makes him the person he is today. 

It's difficult to explain this phase I'm going through right now because I don't even have the proper words for it. It's a lil bit more than overwhelming, to say the least. In fact, "overwhelming" could even be considered to be an understatement. It's not a big deal, but everything he told me before I step foot into his home was modest. And Bunu was right, he is very much a modest boy. Of course Bunu said, "an honest man like his grandfather, and every bit as handsome". Grin. But all in all, I'm taking it all in one step at a time.

I'm loving every bit of my time here in this small town, a place my "kampung boy" calls home.

I promise to post up some photos after this. Grin.


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