Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I just watched a movie that inspired me to live this life. For the moment.


Mainly, it highlights the idea of being free- a travel journalist who has to settle to help her father by being an editor for one of his many magazines. In my humble opinion, it managed to zoom into the view of a person who sets her own rules and all the dramas she had to go through in order to do 'what is expected of her'.

As the movie develops, I feel like it is speaking to me because it is so much like my life right now.
In fact, at some point a character actually said to her,
"Your grammar sucks, but you're creative. Figure it out!',
of which the boyf immediately turned to me and said,

"Hey baby, that's you!". -_-

I was raised to plan for a stable life. Something that guarantees you a 'comfortable' life. I don't plan to defy that, but in the meantime I'd like to deviate a little bit to do something else.

And I really want to do this. Write.
I just need the right equipments - inspiration and tools that actually work.


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