Thursday, January 20, 2011


I have been abroad for so many months, and I've learned so much.

The one thing I have learned to appreciate is, individuality. It's not easy adapting, being brought up in a collectivistic society and I am not saying I'm a complete 'my life is my own'. As I've said before, I'm not too embarrassed to admit that I am somewhat unhealthily attached to my loved ones. But, being in Australia has taught me one thing. To pursue whatever I want in life without reservations- just because I'm entitled to do what ever the hell I want. Even if it'll screw my life upside down.

What affects me most, and it is something I am trying to overcome is that, it is the ones closest to me who do not bother to support my decisions and actions. I am not hurt and I am not upset, I am rather disappointed at those who doesn't even bother to TRY and accept me for who I am. Family, I accept. But friends, those who grew up with you side-by-side and decides to abandon you at their own conveniences just because they have moved on or you're not good enough for them anymore. How, fake. I've always genuinely loved my friends, and you know who you are. But it is most disappointing when you do not support my decisions in life. Is it envy? Or superiority? Is it because I've decided to take a "road less taken?". It's bloody cheesy, but it is so damned true. Have you out-casted me because of distance or because I am not doing what you're doing anymore?

Tell me, what is the cause of your indifference?

When was the last time you even checked out my blog?
Not a single one bother to leave a comment, even if it is to insult the hell out of me. 

How did we end up here?

How do we go back to when there was no envy, just genuine laughter, happiness, love and joy?



Frederic said...

I suppose the insult comment has my name written on it....then again, wasnt an insult, just my opinion on ur rant there..

"come out from your cave walking on your hands, see the world hanging upside down" - that is all

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Cara Memperbesar said...

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