Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Down Memory Lane with the Alpha Course

So here I am,
stuck in the middle of an Alpha session with the band because the Sister’s friend is here and we’re all subjected to accompany her.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not complaining at all. Au contraire.
Just made me a little nostalgic..
4 years ago, I attended alpha for the first time (after much persuasion from the Momsie) and enjoyed myself immensely. Not only because there were many youths who attended as well that year, including a very attractive young French priest, if I may be so bold as to add that.

For years after that, I have been helping with the Alpha course, as a youth facilitator and play in the band who leads the Praise and Worship session before each Alpha session. As the band member who sings, I am given the opportunity to lead each session and it is an amazing feeling to be able to connect with the other participants. (Whether or not we’re good or if I’m bad, is a feedback I’ve been longing to get but have yet to be given). Whatever it is, we’ve always been a stronger band, some come and go (for pretty much valid reasons) while others stay (such as the Sister and I). But God has always blessed us with good people to replace those who had to leave.

So, here I am, sitting down here in our little musician’s corner with our guitarist, Cedric (whom a 5-year old child just called, Kadric) listening to the second part of Alpha – Why did Jesus Die? Whilst I’m feeling a little nostalgic of the times when I was a participant in Alpha, I feel blessed that I’m sitting here in this very room with the family (the Momsie and Popsicle as facilitators; the Sister and I as part of the band which serves Alpha). Let us not forget the little  brother I “adopted” as my own not too long ago; Kadric W. Chow. Lol. More about the dynamics our little band in the next post with the other vocalist, Anne Marie.


Perhaps more photos on Alpha with the people who were with me as Alpha brought me closer to God, at some point in my life, a turning point. Now if I can only remember where I saved it. Grin.


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