Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That insecure b*tch AFTER me

If you have me on FB, you'd know that something has been disturbing me since this morning. 

Let me clarify something:
  1. I am not desperate for friendships and I don't need to work hard to get your attention. 
  2. I don't expect the world to love me and I don't intend to impress everyone.
  3. I wont pretend to like you if I can't stand your guts.

What I despise is when some bitch you decide that you hate me, not because YOU DECIDED YOU HATED MY GUTS but because I used to date your boyfriend, that is pathetic. Grow up, b*tch. 

What kind of life do you live?  It's pathetic.

Yeah, we had good times together but in case you hadn't notice, look at a fcking calender and see and COMPREHEND that it happened in the PAST. 

Honestly, I thought he had a better judgement of character than that, but if he actually loves you, consider yourself lucky. If he knew about your little activity behind his back, I dare not guarantee that he'd still love you the same. That is, if he hadn't changed since.

But my point is, I don't give a fck about your opinions of me. Everything you've learned about me, I daresay you learned it SECOND HAND !! So, don't be too quick to judge on my character, b*tch. What I hate about YOUR guts is your fcking INSECURITY !! 

Seriously woman, you have an issue. You may be able to stop him from talking to me or being my friend. I respect him and I respect his decisions. If he'd rather not keep in touch with me and play childish games, so be it. BUT, when you stop HIS FRIENDS from being friends with me, that's just fcking DESPICABLE!  I don't see how you have a right over their decisions and their lives.

As much as I respect your boyf, I also value his friendship. But if he's respecting your wishes to avoid me on all cost, then I'm not gonna push it. By default, I love his friends as much as my own and I do not intend to back off. Some of them are invaluable to me and I treat them as my brothers. Because I'm a bigger person than you and I see that friendships should not be ruined on account of the end of a relationship with a lover. But like I said, I'm a bigger person on the  inside so you will NEVER understand me anyway, there's no point in me explaining the logics of life to you. 

By the by, these are my friends too, and I will NOT leave them alone. Oh please, you know as much as me I'm not flirting with them. And I don't see why you're so fcking insecure because I don't intend to steal them away from you at all!

So, butt out of my life and leave me the fcking hell alone. If one of their relationships end because of your fcking insecurities (I know you'd know who I'm talking about), know that you spilled blood. 

I wash my hands off this. 



Anonymous said...

testing testing....

hueyting said...

Oh!! that macrostomia!! only good for b**w**b!!!
dont let this get to u :D
ahah ur macrosomnia....ahhaha

Anonymous said...

she's a bitch with maccrostomia! i got this right this timE! hahaha....

i guess she just need to make use of her big mouth...let it be....i believe in KARMA! hahaha =P

wai teng

Anonymous said...

ht, the first comment is damn funny!!!!!!! testing testing???? hahahahahhhaaa

wai teng

ch3 said...

.... this things always happen... @_@

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