Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fairytales happen?..

So I've been trying to get the Boyf to tell me stories.. Like, a fairytale. It's been going on forever and somehow or rather he always manage to dodge it. So, after watching 2 love movies in a short span of 4 hours, I just HAD to make sure I'd get that fairytale. So, talked to the Boyf and this is how it went.

Me : *, I want that fairytale.
Boyf : Wt* are you talking about?
Me : I said, I want that fairytale.
Boyf : I don't know any.
Me : Wt* are you talking about?
Boyf : I don't know any fairytales.
Me : Fairytale life.. -_- Like, "and they live happily ever after".
Boyf : Oh, why couldn't you honestly just say that?
Me : I did! That's what I said. Didn't I say that?
Boyf: I'm thinking "why the fk does she want me to tell her a fairytale?". You said "I want a fairytale". Which generally means you want someone to TELL YOU a fairytale and I linked it to that since you were, in fact asking for one last night.
Me : ...
Boyf : So how am I supposed to link that sentence to "I want my life to be like a fairytale".
Me : So, will you give me that fairytale LIFE instead of telling me the STORY?
Boyf : Well like I said, I don't know any stories so I guess I have no alternative?
Me : Grin.

I read it all over again, and found it hilarious. Trust me, if you hear this in his voice, you'd laugh too.. I'm just in that hopelessly romantic mood today. Ahh.. Can't help it!



Alex said...

Y'know... you don't have to let the whole world know how terrible you are at communicating, I'd have thought it's quite embarrassing...

Grace-Melody Moo said...

Hey, Jocelyn:) Grace here, the girl nextdoor bk at wangsa baiduri...I've been following ur blog for a while now. Interesting life u have over there...take care!

CuterThanYourBum said...

Hi Grace!
Thanks for dropping in, means a lot to me.
Embarrassing that we didn't get to know each other well when we live literally next to each other, grin. Do keep in touch!


Grace-Melody Moo said...

Hehe... yeah, keep in touch!

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