Monday, January 18, 2010

...Over the weekend

... I went out with the girls from high school for some authentic Malaysian time: food.

We made 5 stops over the course of 7 hours, eating what was the "best" food around town. Well, among the best. Apart from that "jalan-jalan cari makan" (which was led by one of my girl's boyf), we had a splendid time with each other; catching up, joking and laughing, and the such. 

Char Siew & Siew Yoke @ some place opposite Tropicana Mall.

The girl and her boyf, learning the tricks of an advanced camera. Forgive them, time travelling machine just brought them here from the dark ages.

Apparently, the book was scary that no one wanted to look at it.
Gory images of penises due to herpes.

Next stop, Nasi Lemak @ Section 17 !

... While waiting for the food.

Yummeh. They had Pork Rendang, not something you see everyday here in Msia.

So, I was working on setting my camera to night mode without the flash, when the other girl decided to make herself a blur. 

Planning for mid-dinner dessert ! Yummeh. Saw it while walking to the 4th station.

See how smooth and creamy it is !!?

At the fourth stop, girl dying from indigestion!

Chi Pao Kai ! (Paper-wrapped chicken)

Finally, the durians!

Moving on..

Final destination; Snowflakes @ Subang Jaya.

I should really be paid to promote this fella and his entire Snowflake dessert factory!

For once, the girls couldn't be bothered bout looking good in front of the camera.

Maybe, not.

Frofessional photographer in action !

I can honestly say I don't remember if this was a candid or a planned shot.

38-ness defined.

Need I say more..

Happiness, defined.

We go such a long way back..



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