Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yours truly, Lecturer.

So, new year new beginnings, and new semester: I'm the lecturer, for the second time.
To be honest, I'm beginning to miss those times when I was the student.

Anyway, I began the first lecture of the year with a movie. I didn't want to make it too heavy, nor did I wanted it boring. So, I figured a movie would be great. The Ugly Truth. Talk about R-rated.

Had some students who were uncomfortable, but generally I think everyone can agree that they had a light start.
And it's really not that difficult to relate that to "Conflict Resolution". I mean, there's conflict to everything, even movies. And at the end of every movie, naturally, the conflict resolves. If only life was as pretty as that.

So, before the movie I gave them a few questions to answer. It was really more for me to get to know them, but of course everyone did it diligently because they thought I was going to assess them and give them marks (for whatever reason). I don't think so, peeps. I haven't even started teaching anything yet and I'd hardly give marks for your opinions, before you learn about theories and dull, boring, things. Then, yes, your opinion matters, academically speaking. Not that I have anything against your opinions, but I can't give you marks on that.. Sorry. I feel bad. Grin. Anyway, it's "add & drop" week soo, some of you might drop, some of you might add this subject (no idea why, I'm gonna torture you and you know it!!). Therefore, I can't evaluate you yet. Hmmph.

Anyhow, I've been thinking a lot about this and I really do enjoy lecturing. I enjoy being in class more than anything else (God, why the paperwork!!?) and it's nice when people HAVE to hear about what I have to say. I don't have to drum things into peoples' heads after I beg for their brief attentions. Okay, scrape that. It's just nice being respected in this sort of way. And hey, not everyone's got people calling them "Ms." every time before they mention my name. It's nice ! For all those who thinks I bask in glory, I'd like you to know that I firmly believe that I have earned this respect. I worked hard before this and I'm still working very hard (I really mean SMART) to be where I am.

Thought I'd post all the nice things bout being a lecturer before I start looking into the little assignment I gave to my class. Hopefully at the end of this, I won't ask myself with tones of regret of why I got myself into this. Grin.


P.S. oOo, Some of the students have just told me that they just enrolled themselves into my class after the feedback from those who were in class prior. Or was it because of my heels today? Grin. *Rolls fingers ala Evil and thinks creatively how to torture them!

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