Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Un-wasted Year of 2009

Feeling a little more than upset,
I figured that I needed some sort of therapy.
So, I thought that I should blog about my achievements of 2009 (that I can remember off hand atm) to make me feel better..

  1. Completed my thesis (spent an entire year on that thing); by the time I handed it in, I’d decided that I hate that subject for life.
    Didn’t last for long though, it IS still my area of interest. I am such a hypocrite.
  2. Graduated with an honors degree, baybeh !
  3. Learned how to ski! By the end of my fourth day, I was able to ski an entire run without falling down !
  4. Met an awesome boy.. Fell head over heels.
  5. Survived 2 months abroad; and wished that I never had to come back.
  6. Gain perspective of life and left the unnecessary behind, well, most of it at least.
  7. Made great friends and formed stronger bonds with old friends.
  8. Found a job as a lecturer. Love the lecturing bits ! 
  9. Earned and spent my hard earned own money; well, most of the time anyway..
  10. Decided on an aim in my life and am on my way to achieving it!

Hmm.. That kinda worked. At least the past year wasn’t only wasted on nonsense. Grin.


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