Friday, January 15, 2010


Yes, I know. I agree that there should be more photos.

I've been making effort too. Attended photography lessons today. It was heaps fun! So we learned about ISO & shutter speed & F/Stop & White Balance. I feel a step closer to being that professional photographer. 

And I really do love to take pictures; both snapping them and being snapped (only if imma look good in all of them). And I will post more up in a bit, once I've got this blog going.

Of late, I've really been enjoying this whole blogging thingamajig.
I think I've got this momentum going, and it's a whole new experience.
Interesting, and of course, a breather from my dull and routine-d life. 

So as I was saying, more photos, right? Checked!
And because of that, I've been re-evaluating of the need to get a DSLR.
I've been interested in getting one for a while now, and there's always something up to make me think that maybe I don't really need it. But I know as much as you that my blog needs more pictures to survive. Which is the best reason I can give myself.

I often wondered what to do with the photos after I snapped them. What's the point? It's fun while I'm at it, snapping away and playing with its multi-functioned buttons BUT what do I do with it after a hard days' work ? And it dawned to me that I could post them here.. Should I? Oh, should I?..

If that is the case.. Would it be a Nikon or Canon ? I heard that Olympus isn't half bad. Yeah, I know it's all about what I'd like to do with it. But, I don't know much to begin with..

Uh. A little help here?..

Oh well, I'll leave the research for tomorrow. Today, I'll play with my little compact Nikon S200. 


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Alex said...

NoOoOOOoo not yet... I gotta learn how to use the damn thing first... who do you think's gonna be taking all those nice pictures of you???

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