Saturday, January 16, 2010

.. That hawker from last night.

Last night, the family and I went for dinner at some shack (because the desserts are oh-so-tempting)!

And I was making an order for "Char Koay Teow", which was quite a walk away from where we were sitting, when I felt the sudden need to tear and cry. Well, I couldn't help myself, really. Right in front of me was a man, probably in his late 50s' and was stiffened in the neck because its angle seemed permanently stuck to the left of his shoulder. YET HE WAS FRYING NOODLES, in a SHACK, mind you! What was worse was that his hands were also stiffen at the joint, and it seemed to me like he couldn't even bend his elbow. When I placed my order, he couldn't even reply me or communicate with me verbally, had to make hand signals to ask where I was sitting and if I wanted my noodles to be spicy. Etc..

It dawned to me that in all my life of complaints that "life is unfair", none of those times actually measured up to how life IS unfair for this man. And then I felt bad for complaining bout my life, and it got me thinking about the rest of the world, the larger population of those who are suffering worse fates than mine. Why is this happening to them?.. How can we help make better?.. Can we even help in any way?..  Is there anything I can do?.. I don't know, really. There's only so much we can do as middle-class idiots to help poverty. What about the upper-class citizens of the world? Most of them have too much for themselves anyway..

Then again I thought, are we really being greedy and selfish if all we're really doing if fighting for a better life for ourselves? I mean, for most of us, money doesn't come easy and we're all striving for that better lifestyle.. Is it really too much for us to ask, if all we wanted was to lead a more comfortable life?..

What is right and what is wrong now ?..

I like to believe that the world is just too abstract because its dynamic changes with every decision you make. So apart from ethics and the law, I suppose nothing is ever right or wrong. It's just a rhetorical question some philosopher made up aeons ago to confuse the likes of us.

.. But it is still sad to see the sick and the poor doing hard labor. Makes me cry, every time.


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