Sunday, October 10, 2010


So, it’s one of those –once in a lifetime- moments again! How did you spend your 10/10/10? Do share your moments with me as I am super uber busy body =p

I.. went to the beach. Incidentally, today is also a very special day for they boyf and I, so we just decided to do something that we both liked. Relax!

I’m so psyched about blogging these days that I had to post this up asap. Felt totally retarded today, not being able to be online for just half a day. I’m currently waiting in the car for the boyf to settle some things..

We were at Mordialloc earlier today. The weather was too tempting to just stay indoors. So we took a drive to the beach, about 20 minutes away..

I absolutely loved it. The sun, sea, sand. The people, crown, energy. Exhilarating. Relaxing. Absolutely, awesome.

So, as promised. Photos.


  All excited!

DSCN5142Mordialloc Beach from my viewpoint..

DSCN5143   The Boyf

DSCN5147   DSCN5152   My tatt from my point of view.

DSCN5159  DSCN5161 DSCN5162   The boyf being totally anal about sunscreen! Australia only has SPF 30, I’m surprised. Back home, we get up to SPF 150. But, I usually settle for SPF 50.


The boyf said he wanted to go for a swim. 30 seconds later, walked back, and said “brr, too cold”. Totally reminded me of Michelle Tanner on Full House S2.




What with more clouds than sunlight, we decided to walk down the shops for some lunch instead. Discovered Big Mouth Burger Co. He had a massive beefburger, I had chicken wraps. AWESOME. Highly recommended by yours truly, yo.

DSCN5176 DSCN5178 DSCN5179 DSCN5180 DSCN5181 DSCN5182    DSCN5187 DSCN5188 DSCN5190

Cam-whoring moments. Althoug, I doubt it’s called cam-whoring IF I’m not the one holding the camera, snapping away photos of myself, right?

While we were sitting my the rocks near the jetty, chattin away watching the sun slowly set.. Something short of a drama was happening right in front of us. What with all the high school kids hanging out at the beach, we were bound to see some slow moving actions anyway =b Boy likes girl, girl likes boy, lets find some reason to.. =p
PS. Embossed the photos for their privacy’s sake, grin.




Hands touch.. Eyes meet. DSCN5192 Used the boyf as an excuse to snap more photos of them..
As you can see, they’ve moved in closer, lol.


Finally. At this point, I was staring at them for at least 3 minutes already, not even counting the drama of the boy trying to pull the girl into the ice-cold water, girl struggles not to get wet, boy pulls harder, girl screams, boy tries to impress her, she acts like she doesn’t want to be there, but we all know she’s enjoying the attention from him, yah-dee-daa . . .


All this while, I was holding the camera ever-so-un-suspiciously,  saying to the boyf “oh, snogg already!”




And finally..


DSCN5194 Boo ya! I am goood.

DSCN5195This is the boyf being embarrassed by what I’ve just done. As you might have been able to tell by this very cutee photo of him.
But still, he loves me =)

DSCN5196 Mother Nature has rendered me speechless.
I am too much in awe of her beauty and grace.

DSCN5197 Ever wondered..  if life as we know it looks like this?


DSCN5199 Ahh, loves.


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Anonymous said...

very nice post.

interesting, then so full of it, then funny, then thought-provoking. so full of win!

then again i may be biased.

then again the inversed sea and sky....

then again lazing on the beach....

okay i'm being fai. miss you two :'(

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