Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sun-shiny day!

Went on a shopping spree today !!

A girlfriend of mine (from back in Malaysia, and are both happy in Melbourne now) and I were free from boyfriends today (for once, her boyf had to work and my boyf had to study for the upcoming exams), so we decided to hang out in the city to do some shopping – she needs formal wear, and I need casual/spring wear. It turned out to be a somewhat guilty day for me as I might have overspent a little bit.. But, as I rationalized with the boyf and as he has agreed to agree – I did not spend on anything I did NOT need. Grin.

So! Here are some lame photos BECAUSE I haven’t been shopping in 20987 bagillion ages, so I got overexcited and forgot to snap the process of me frantically pushing everyone out of my way, yelling, “move, bitch!!”. Poor Sue had to wait for me everywhere we shopped, all day.


Japanese lunch @ Kenzan, GPO. I had the beef udon, of course. It was nice, BUT I still prefer the one @Don Don near Melb Central. Half the price, too.. If you want something classy though, it’s not a bad place to spend your time at.

DSCN5116Sue. We were waiting for the tram to go to Spencer St, but, it didn’t come so we decided to stay on @ Bourke St. Which did not turn out too badly, as we later found out that MYERS had a sale. Of course, this discovery was at 6 in the pm, and MYERS closes at 7.

DSCN5120 Some random performance @ Bourke St. Always catches my eye. This one was kinda good.

DSCN5122My shopping bags =b Got 2 pairs from Novo, some dresses from Myers and in the red bag, some.. random daily needs.. Mostly for my hair. One thing about  the Australian climate, it’s ruining my hair! Back in Malaysia, I had a fuss-free hair. I miss that =(

DSCN5124So, I decided that I absolutely MUST have a cuppa and got a cup of cappuccino for my ride back. Much to my disappointment, I must say. First of all, TOO HOT, burned my tongue. Secondly, it just wasn’t good.. Not that I’m some coffee expert, but I honestly didn’t like it. But since I paid $ 4.5 for it, I just sucked it up and finished it. Grin. 

DSCN5127After all day of girlie shopping, the boyf and I went grocery shopping @Woolies.. This is he, marching like he’s on a mission. 

DSCN5128 And of course, the inevitable pose that he wishes, will someday define him.


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