Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nails and tales

Over the past few weeks, my finger nails have been progressively getting shorter and shorter. If it’s not because of a chip, it’s caused by a crack. And I get so fed up, so I just cut them shorter. It grows a little bit more, and I cut them short again.

Now, everyone who is close enough to me would know that I am very anal about my long nails. Personally, I find that nails can tell a lot about a person’s personality- how one keeps them and how one takes care of them. Lol. Yeah, somehow it’s these little details that keeps me attracted to people =p And I mean girls too. I’d stare at them all night if I thought they were hot, not in a “I am attracted to you” way, but more like “Wow, you’re hot. Now, how do I replicate that without being your clone” type of way.

That aside, I take pride in my nails. I love them long and pretty. I rarely ever keep them short, because I don’t like it short. Sheesh. And this has been ever since I left school (except for the rare occasions that I have to keep them short for piano purposes). Anyway, I’ve been having bad nails of late, and I suspect once again it’s caused by the Australian dry weather. Possibly.

So, the other day, I decided to do something for them once and for all. I got them done! Bio-Sculpture Gel style, baybeh!! Lol. Not only did the manicurist fixed all my  broken nails with some silk thingamabob, she totally made it look so natural I don’t even feel like my nails have be “done up”. It’s a little too early for me to judge the effects of this new found discovery, but so far, I’m loving it because I don’t look like I just bit my nails off with a saw anymore. This totally suit my lifestyle because I’ve never been the gentle and slow moving girl, I’ve always been more of a kick-the-chair-and-knock-my-hands-onto-the-table-at-least-once-a-day kinda girl, so, now I don’t really have to worry about breaking another nail. At least for a next couple of weeks.

Not the best shot ever, cause the boyf isn’t very good at snapping photos =p


But I’m pretty now =b


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