Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sometimes it's just a little too late.

A couple of months ago I was complaining about the boyf being stuck on WOW.

Now, I was never brought up with these type of technology, admittedly as a child I was envious of my friends whose parents got them video games and computer games whilst mine never got me any. As a result of that, I have never been interested in any kind of games and could never understand how it can be so interesting as to take over one's life altogether. 

And so, with the boyf's persistence, I decided to give it a go. He plays a long list of computer games (and still managed to be a smart arse in school) and I decided, hey, let's try WOW because he often plays it with his younger sister and I'd like to be in the loop too. 

Here what's I gathered after playing for the past 2 months:

  1. It is, indeed an interesting game that WILL consume your free time if you do not have control over your addiction.
  2. If you start playing  from a young age (any game at all, not necessarily WOW per say), you'd be quite good at it, because it is not too difficult learning how to play it.. (Either that, or I have an expert of a boyf who already knows all the back roads and alley way to this game).
  3. If you're a late bloomer, like yours truly, there is no way in hell you'll pick up this game and be an expert in it, ever. And you'll forever have that expert boyf of yours breathe down your throat because he expects you to play as well as him or his sister. (Either that, or I just am very bad in reading maps and have atrocious eye-hand coordination).
  4. Always start with a druid. Because you can choose to be DPS, Tank, or Healer.. (I did awesome DPS and now, I think I might double spec it to be Kitty Cat Meeeow!).. I'm also the pretty night elf, btw =p
  5. Get a damn wireless mouse and always remember to charge it! I really hate it when I have to play while it's connected to the charger. But investments, are, as always.. worth it.
  6. Alliance really suck when it comes to battlegrounds. Really, really, really, suck. (Note to self: get a horde).
  7. Always play with someone who's got control of his/her addiction of the game. Otherwise life will pass you by before you even know it. Grin.

So, there. I can learn all the theories and alley roads if these game, but I honestly believe that it is too late for me to be excellent in this game.. 



Frederic said...

You know that these kind of games are based on operant conditioning right? you kill something, you get a reward, and through repetition of these measures you eventually get hooked to the biggest waste of time on the planet. There is definitely better games out there, and one reason why wow is so popular is because it allows you to compare ur amount of time wasted to other people, and hey, when you do it like that, sitting in front of the computer for hours doesn't seem so bad, cause hey, the other guy is doing it twice as much as you... I just hate blizzard, sorrryyyy

Alex said...

Yeah but that's kinda beside the point... The whole purpose of the game is to waste your time, and the fact is that it does it in a pretty fun way. I used to think the exact same way, I hated wow, but then I decided to look at it differently and realised it's not actually that terrible. If you have nothing better to do, it sure beats watching TV - it's a lot more mentally engaging.

The main reason wow is popular is because it offers an easy way to get a reward for time spent, and it actually does have very good, well polished gameplay. It's a very good introduction to gaming in general - certainly a lot more forgiving than something like DotA or CSS...

Frederic said...

Apologies then, I'm just a cheapskate who also thinks that paying for it monthly makes it a costly waste of time which I think could be wasted cheaper

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