Friday, October 8, 2010

APPLE - To Be or Not To Be?

I have always wondered how an Apple computer thingamabobs work. I mean, I've been to Apple stores and have seen them and have tried to use them (especially the ones connected to a piano keyboard), but as tech-savvy as I'd like to think I am, I never got the hang of it. I mean, it's a bit unnerving when the store/sales people are staring at you from a distance thinking that you're either very dumb or that you're trying to figure out a way to run out of that shop with that MAC without anyone noticing. Since I don't particularly enjoy imprinting either one of those images into one's mind at any point in time, I just don't get to hang around long enough to figure out how it works.

Last week in Tassie, I managed to, for the first time ever, experience a Mac. I know laa, I must sound very stone-aged to you.

The boyf's home happened to have one of those big-arse ones, with bigger-than-my-tivo-screen. As it turns out, it is a necessary investment for those in the designing profession.

Anyway, I tried it out, as those of you who's been stalking my fb page have noticed. Didn't do much, just checked my emails and fb and tweets. BUT, the most amazing thing happened. Touching the mouse connected by a delicate white wire to the back of the really big tower under the table, clicking on in to enter a webpage, and typing on the simple yet delectable keyboard made me feel so girlie. And I mean, really girlie. And I liked that feeling of delicateness. There's something about the color white and girlishness.

So, having given in to the temptation of biting that Apple, I have since been captivated into the mystical world of MAC.. It must have something to do with everything being on the wrong side of the page. Grin.

A little while ago, I was considering getting myself an Ipod just so I can use that Ipod + Nike thingamabobs. 
Especially since the new release of Ipod Nano has a touch screen (ooh, I do love touch screens. Am using a Nokia 5800 myself, and when it first came out, I knew that I had to get my hands on it)!! But I have to say that Apple could honestly do better than that with the options of colors they've given this range.. That said, I think it's a worthwhile buy.. But I have somehow convince myself along the way that I don't NEED it. And a couple of weeks of only talk and no buy later, I have decided that my Nokia 5800 expressmusic is doing a wonderful job and I don't need to seek another music player.

But the experience of using a MAC.. has seriously taken me to a whole other level. 

It's not to say that my Toshiba NB305 isn't doing a good job. I daresay, it is doing a fantabulous job, especially at staying in my handbag when we travel. In fact, I picked it because I fell in love with its design, which is, in my opinion, the most girlie among PC products.. In terms of 'the feel of it'. Come to think about it, anyone who uses this baby can tell you that typing on its keyboard is not unlike a MAC.. But still, I have always loved being different. And since Malaysians aren't very big on Apple products (except the iPhone, of course) then by nature, I'd want something that they don't. 

And I think, owning a MAC would be an awesome start.
The ultimate all-in-one. Turbocharged.

Especially one connected to the piano/keyboard, thingamabobs.

Someday. Somehow..


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Alex said...

Why oh why would you possibly want a mac? Do you do design? Do you edit videos!?!?
I refuse to buy you a computer just because it's slightly "girlier"

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