Monday, October 11, 2010

Like! me on Facebook thingamabob

I realised that everything on the internet is integrated these days i.e. google has everything for everyone (emails, blogging, search engines and the lovely Chrome), Windows Live is, as I discovered lately, integrating with FB. Did you know that if you update your windows live essentials to the 2011 version, you can chat with fb friends on your windows live messenger? Talk about making life easy for you. All that said, you get my point..

So, in attempts to traffic my blog to get more readers and channel better ads, the boyf suggested I create a FB fanpage. Don't know why it never occured to me before this *knocks own forehead with my right palm*. Well, I'm all set. So, if you'd just click on "LIKE" on my fan page, I'd really appreciate it. It's also my way of connecting to you, who visits my blog..



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Alex said...

Yep. I'm pretty amazing >_>

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