Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Smarter Than Your Brain!

So. There’s so much to gather of a person from her blog. What have you gotten so far about me? Girl. Crazy, sexy, beautiful. Aww.. Cute, sometimes. Intelligent, checked. Smart, checked. Full of herself, checked. Grin. But I have prove! I am not only “above average” on several Intelligent Quotient scales, I am, in fact, superbly awesome. I surprise myself sometimes. Lol. Anyway.. Psychology student and graduate. Your very own psychologist, if you may.
But anyway, here’s a little more in depth information about me and what I’d like to do more, or rather, specialize in the future.
I studied Psychology. And I dare say the first thing 9 out of 10 of you are thinking the exact thing right now.
“So, can you read my mind?”.
NO, I absolutely cannot read your mind. As a matter of fact, no one can. And if anyone tell you otherwise, then rest assured that they’re lying to scare you out of your wits. But, we are, capable of assessing behavior. Part of what we inevitably get into a habit of doing is to understand behavior and why people act the way they do. We, or at least most of peers and I are always trying to understand the way one talks, choice of words and tone, facial expressions and body language are the first few clues we get into understanding a person’s behavior and personality. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I look into your eyes every time we talk and try to read your whole life story. In a way, it is my way of justifying one’s behavior and actions. Of course, I do not speak for everyone who specializes under the umbrella of professional psychology.
But to justify the name of my blog, where the “smarter than your brain” is concern- here’s why. I am, for one, an enthusiast in learning and understanding the functions of the brain. So, I am literally interested in your brain. (someday I’m gonna find a way to squeeze it out of your northern-region orifices to scrupulously study your brain, muahaha! I’m kidding, of course). I am working towards understanding better and specializing in this area, especially in the near future.
Why, you ask?
Because the brain is the single most impressive organ, and the very fact that with the bazillions research and studies done on the brain, we have only discovered a small portion of its functioning. We still do not understand the brain as a whole, how it works, and most especially, from a psychological point of view, how we can improve our current understanding of the brain in order to assist those with learning/intellectual disabilities. Hopefully, in the near future we might even be able to prevent or minimize these existing disabilities..  Plus, it might even assist us in understanding things like, attention and memory span of those us in the ‘normal population’ which might be helpful for some of us, especially when we’re learning and studying for exams. Yep, I can totally relate to that..
So, yeap. This is me. And I can only thank my Biopsychology (Brain & Behavior) lecturer for exposing me to this part of psychology. I mean, he had to anyway, it was part of the course requirements, but if he hadn’t presented it interestingly, I would have tossed that knowledge out the window after my exam anyway. Toughest subject yet, and it was one of the best things I’ve learned throughout my 3 years in university. Thank you..
I miss studying. I miss being a student. And I absolutely miss opening a text book with many bright colours highlighting the different parts of the brain. Pinel, J., best textbook ever.
Imma regret missing the life of a student soon =p

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