Thursday, October 14, 2010

Of dust mites and nasal sprays

So, I’m Malaysian.

As well all know (at least I hope we all know), Malaysia is on the equator. And what does it mean? It’s hot. All the time. Hot and hot and hot. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year! In addition to that, Mother Nature decided to throw in humidity as well, as a complete joke to us ‘Equatorians’. I know that about a quarter of the earthlings might appreciate that, I don’t really know if I do. First of all, my sinuses seem to have an issue with the humidity and heat. Every morning, without a damn fail, they’d get inflamed and as a result I have running nose everyday the moment I wake up. Now, every time I get out in the sun- My nose acts up as well. And, every time I switch from a cold environment to a hot one, say, a drop or increase of 3Celcious or so, my nose acts up. And this may be a psychological problem because if I don’t tend to my problem soon enough, I’ll literally catch a cold and be sick for the next couple of days – lethargy, running nose then blocked nose, inflamed throat, sometimes cough, the works..

Dust, does it too. So do cats. Oh, and certain types of alcohol make me chain-sneeze, too (can’t say I’ve ever noticed that, until the boyf’s mom pointed it out). And the list goes on.

As a result, I’ve developed a tolerance to the ‘relatively’ cold temperature despite being from a hot country. My air-cond is always set to 16-18Celcious when I have things my way. Also, I always have an ‘emergency pack’ on me. Tissues (always Kleenex, because they are the softest IMO. I’ve tried everything available in Malaysia, and everything else scratches the skin under my nose after the 3rd wipe or so..), anti-inflammatories or anti-histamines, medication for runny/blocked nose (2 types; drowsy but good, and non drowsy but not as good), Vicks and the such. And this is just to be put into the handbags which I bring out with me every day. You can only imagine what I’d have to bring when I’m travelling.. Once I forgot to do so, and I was unlucky enough that my sinus turned into cold (the boyf insist it’s not physically possible, and I’m not voting out a psychological problem). Thankfully, it was only an overnight trip with a bunch of my girlfriends, but I wasn’t having a good time at all.

Coming to Australia (at least in the Southern parts) have changed my life for the better, with regards to this. I haven’t had a single problem with my sinuses since I got here a few months ago *touch wood* and I’m glad that I don’t have to deal with that problem anymore, hopefully.. At least I’m not triggered by the usual things that used to affect me back home. Sometimes when it gets stuffy in an enclosed area, my nose starts to itch but with a little spritz of water on my face or a whiff of Vicks and all is well. The boyf was worried that I might catch this hayfever thingamabob since it’s spring now, but nope. Not more than just a couple of sneezes every now and then. I doubt that’s worse than what I’ve got back home.

As proof that I only have this problem back home, I’d like to state that I was in Australia for 1 whole month in May, and I was fine. No problems with the nose. Went home in June, and the next day I was already the ‘Runny Nose Lady’, all over again. Came back to Australia in July, and since then, my nose hasn’t acted up.. much.

Family and friends can testify to my life’s misery. Family doctor, too. Once, a doctor told me I wasn’t fit to live in Malaysia, should move to Antarctica -_- Big vote of confidence right there. 

Anyway… I don’t exactly have a point here. I’m merely stating one thing that I found has benefited me since I got here (not having to worry about my medications or Vicks or nasal sprays if I’m going out for the day anymore). Need to up that list because I’m missing home muchly..

Anyone with a similar problem?


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