Friday, October 8, 2010

Burn, Fats, BURN !!

In anticipation of spring/summer and being able to show off some skin, I've been trying to shed some weight- you know, the ones I've gained over the past year, from being in a comfortable but yet super-exciting relationship with the boyf and from my working days as a lecturer. 

For over a month now I've been going to the gym diligently, if not 3 times then 4 times a week. Here's how I've worked it out.

  1. Walk to gym - 10 minutes
  2. Jogging/running on the treadmill for at least 25 minutes.
  3. Cycling for another 20 minutes or so, give or take.
  4. Those complicated machines thingamabob for abs (and I started on thigh muscles this week).
  5. Lifting 2.5 kg weights (at least 2 sets of biceps, triceps and dunno what else the boyf concocted, 20 times each set).
  6. Crunches and leg-lifts (at least 50 each, started to reach 100 this week).
  7.  Walk home - 10 minutes
In terms of diet, I've been watching my food intake - practically stopped snacking, binge-eating, and all that junk food. I try to eat as little carbs and more protein (i.e. minimal rice/potatoes/bread, etc.. and more meat/fish/seafood/etc..) I've been cooking lately, just so I can try to put less oil and salt and thingamabobs in my food. Barely fry food anymore, because I've discovered the wonders of ovens and grills. Whenever I'm peckish, I either drink my yummy low-fat soy milk, a glass of bovril or miso soup, or yoghurt. Sometimes I treat myself to oats. And when I really, really, really want to treat myself; an occasional bite of beef jerky, a small bite of chocolate (the last time I bought Tim Tams, I had to throw the last 3 pieces away because it took me THAT long to finish the whole packet), or some cheese (oh, how i love Jarlsberg and Swiss).. For breakfast, I have cereal, up & go, or a meal-replacement protein shake. I only have 1 light meal a day. Then, I have something light for dinner, prolly leftovers from lunch or a sandwich, but always in small amounts. 

With the advice of the sister (who has tried this and succeeded in shedding kilos), I've been chewing my food for longer periods of time and eating at a slower pace than I usually do.

I think I've got the math settled what with the workouts and diet.

Now, will someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong because the scale is indicating that I am indeed, putting on weight !!!?

It is really disheartening okay!

Okay, admittedly I slacked a little last week when we spent the whole week back in Tasmania.. Barely exercised BUT I did control my food intake. In addition, there's nothing but healthy food in that pantry anyway. How could I have possibly gained weight, eating nothing but "low fat" and "non fat" food!!? Plus, I have prove that what I ate in Tassie was way healthier than what my very own cooking - my lack of indigestion and increase in bowel movements only show that I've been eating nothing but healthy foods ok!

Something is terribly wrong with me, and I really need to get to the bottom of this.

And don't you even dare start telling me to consider about my hormones. After my previous cycle, I only dropped 0.4 kg !! A miserable ZERO POINT FOUR KG!!

In the old days, I go on a diet for 2 days and I lose 1 whole kilo. Go on a diet for a whole week and it's a guarantee that I lose at least 2 kilos. Sigh. Australia, what have you done to me!!?

And just this once 
allow me to sign out with a silent and miserable whimper,



Ken Hui said...

May I offer a little suggestion?

Swap your gym session around a bit.
Get there, and if you walked quickly, skip the warm up and have a quick loosen up, stretch and go straight to your weights, don't just do arms, work your whole body.
After your weights, then you do your cardio, this is where it gets a little tricky...
If you want to get fit, go hard, if you want to lose weight, do it at a moderate rates, no more than 75% intensity for no less than 20mins.
Or do some interval training (Google it if you don't know what it is).
After that, do your crunches etc.

Give it a go, but like everything else, its not always 100% guarantee to work, but it has been proven to be an effective method.

Also, have at least 1 day rest between weights.

CuterThanYourBum said...

Hmm, I do walk quickly. So, maybe I should try this weights thingamabob first. Lol.

Will try this 75% intensity thingmabobs. I always thought it was about 80% since my heart rate is over 165 AFTER running..

Lol. Interval training huh ?.. hmm. I think they have it on the treadmill, will give that a shot.

Thanks Ken Hui !!!!

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